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Elite sport

With the Olympics in focus for the next 2 weeks I was wondering if anyone on the site wanted to share their experiences about children and sport? We all know the benefits of exercise and learning to work in a team. I look at thos happy faces faces of the Australian Olympic Team and their delight at wearig the green and gold and being part of this huge, special adventure.


Behind those happy faces are a bunch of parents who tirelessly supportted their kids' training - with money for coaching, with car trips and early morning wake-ups etc.


I remember when Australia qualified for the World Cup in 2005 I enrolled my then 5-y-o son straight away in Soccer School - thinking he could represent Australia in the 2018 World Cup. He hated it! Geez I bought the shoes, the shin guards, the lot.Nup. He wouldn't continue.


By the end of his 1st year in school I realised he might not be a potential pro athlete. And I also noticed that he seemed to bow to the pressure of the more extroverted kids. I was worried he would be bullied because of his kindness and trust. So I did enrol him in Judo twice a week. And that was non-negotiable. I wanted him to be able to defend himself - sure. But I also wanted him to learn the self-discipline, respect, and commitment that comes from martial arts. He stayed until Year 8 when the judo school moved to a different venue.


He doesn't compete though in any regular organised sport other than lunchtime basketball and PDHP? at school. He likes to run and jump rope for exercise. I've made sure he can swim well and he's had surfing lessons.


Just can't see him on a podium. Not for lack of trying on my part as a sports (stage) mother. Though last week my niece took him out kayaking on the harbour. She said he was a natural. Wait, kayaking is an Olympic sport isn't it?!


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@Mitzi Good topic! I am sure parents would have a lot to share.


I failed all my PE lessons at school as I could not do certain sit ups per minute and could not finish my 800meters in time, I always envy those who are good at sport, that might be the reason why my daughter is not good at sport either. I really admire those families who support their kids in sporting adventures. I know a mum who gets up at 4 am three days a week to drive daughter to rowing and she ends up joining the parents' team as well. I could not even imagine!

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Re: Elite sport

"Wait, kayaking is an Olympic sport isn't it?!" - @Mitzi you make me laugh!!!!

Sports are the bane of every parent's Saturday existence!! Smiley Happy
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Re: Elite sport

Not watching the Oylmpics myself, I just can't get into it!

Re: Elite sport

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It's interesting to note the high expectations we have for our young athletes at the elite level. Not only are they expected to "podium" (win a medal of any description) but they also have to deal with interviews, media hordes and sometimes outrageous articles. Case in point: A photo of nervously smiling 18-y-o displaying his gold medal with the headline "Strong in the pool, weak on the dais".  I think that is feckin outrageous!!!


The Australian hits a new low with this nasty headline.The Australian hits a new low with this nasty headline.





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