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Is ANYONE getting enough sleep?

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Is ANYONE getting enough sleep?

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Re: Is ANYONE getting enough sleep?

I agree @Big_Crab that 'time to relax' is so important. It's great that you can find some time in the afternoons to do that. That's one of the things that trips me up. I sleep late, because I'm tired so the only time I get to be alone and relax is the evenings. As my kids get older that's become later and later. Some nights I'll stay awake until 1 AM watching Netflix or reading stuff on the internet. It makes getting up early very difficult.  I also had a long commute until recently. Which meant getting up at least 90 minutes earlier. It wrecked me! So I'm in awe of your ability to do it day after day.


Haha @Lily17 That's hilarious. We have that same animal barn sound at our place. Although it all comes from one pen! And I'm the same, early mornings and my brain do not get along. 

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Re: Is ANYONE getting enough sleep?

Hi ... I have discovered an awesome website called The Sleep Shack which helps parents with kids who may or may not have trouble sleeping. Dr Chris Seton who runs it (it's an online course) is a paediatrician who specialises in sleep disorders. He was the Dr for 2 of my children when they were little as they had sleep apnea. Not only does the site offer some common sense suggestions, if you choose to use their programme it's all online and they taylor it took your child's needs. My niece (she has ASD) has had lots of difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep and their suggestions have worked. She also uses the app 'Smiling Minds' each night which uses mindfulness. one of the things that we have also worked from The Sleep Shack is that your child should get out of bed and go to bed at the same time everyday. My nieces 8pm bed time remains the same every night except for Friday when she is at Youth Group. Monday - Friday she is up at 6am and on Saturday she gets out of bed at 8am. It was difficult the first couple of weeks but now with using Smiling Minds each night she usually falls asleep within 30 mins of going to bed and stays sleep until morning.

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Re: Is ANYONE getting enough sleep?

I'm like you @Ngaio-RO, I'm up very late most nights. That began so I had some alone time in the day, and has continued even though my daughter is up until 1-2am. She has trouble getting to sleep but will then sleep until midday. Luckily distance ed work can be completed at any time of the day - or night!


I can be up until the early hours, and I'm usually up around 10, but it catches up with me and one night a week I get to bed before midnight. 


So I reckon my daughter gets about 10 hours a night. I probably get 5-7, but would love more. Night time is when it's quiet and I can write without being disturbed though...


5am - in my world that's a swear word! That's the time I get up for a pee and am so grateful to get back into my warm bed for a few more hours.