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Part-time jobs for teens

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Part-time jobs for teens

Hey guys, something that came up recently was that you guys wanted to talk about part-time/casual jobs for your teenage kids. @AmyJay said part time work can really help with growing independence and development. She said it's not just about financial success but also great for confidence (if in the right workplace), decision making, responsibility and other character skills.


Who has experience with this? Do you agree? Got tips for others who might want to encourage this in their teens?


Re: Part-time jobs for teens

my daughter has not started yet but many of her friends have part time jobs. I think it depends on the family situation and the teen's own plan whether a part-time job is worthwhile.

my daughter is already busy with her co-curriculum activities but she probably would take a job in year 11 just to get the feel.


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Re: Part-time jobs for teens



I would definitely encourage teens to develop some choices for career or job interests as they start high school even. Some kids - most kids! - are brimming with ideas and I told mine I support their ideas and we chat about how to make it 'fit' into the adult world of earning a living or part time on the side, or as a hobby or even entrepeneurial venture whilst they are in high school!


We chat about how to make it a reality, what is needed, what means marketing, how much can you expect to earn? And I mentioned to them both about how working builds your character.


So the oldest one worked part time from year 11 onwards, and she did really well. She loved earning the money, and she developed skills like relating to others and many different adn difficult personality types. Also customer service skills.


I'd say don't stress too much about them devoting all their time to their books. I believe some are academic some not, but all kids like money, and if they learn valuable life skills mowing lawns or working at maccas for two shifts a week, then I'm all for it!


I hope I answered the question. It's hard seeing the screen that I am replying to! (says tech-savvy mother....) Smiley Happy


Re: Part-time jobs for teens

Hey there @mums_taxi! thanks so much for sharing how this worked for your family!!

Great to have you here!
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Re: Part-time jobs for teens

Definitely think that working is good for them, our eldest 2 both work at Maccas and #3 can't wait til she's 14.

Great for them to earn money and brilliant for self confidence and making friends too.

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Re: Part-time jobs for teens

I have encouraged all my kids to get after school jobs once they are old enough. I think they learn a lot from working. They also learn the value of money. You have to be careful of employers taking advantage of young staff and giving the too many hours but over all I feel that my kids have benifited from their after school jobs. Two of my teens have continued in their afterschool job and ended up as apprentices at the same workplace and love what they do.

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Re: Part-time jobs for teens

Yeah I've had some experience here on a range of levels.  Part time jobs is excellent for young adults on so many levels.  It helps to build the resilience and emotional intelligence that employers are looking for along with providing them an employment track record (& the $ in the pocket won't hurt their independence or your bank account).  It'll give them not only a feel for what they want to be . . . but also what they don't want to be.  A great building block.  

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