Student exited without any Parent signature

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Student exited without any Parent signature

My son (16 years old) was at High school in Victoria (Doncaster area) last year 2017, but left to move interstate w/ his mother about 2 months before the end of the school year.


i contacted the school to advise them and they requested me to await for the exiting forms to be prepared in the following week. However, before the end of year they had not completed forms and so over the holidays my son returned to Melbourne and he is now back living w/ me. He was never in trouble, but had missed about a month or so of school time over the 2017 period due to anxiety and depression issues.


Now, I never officially signed him out of the school and when i went back to school to let them know (via the front desk) and they are telling me he has been 'Exited' (without me having signed any paperwork or being advised by letter or email) but i want him to return to the same school but they will not return my calls and the two times i visited the school in person there was no-one able to discuss it with me face to face.




Any advice would be great, thanks Russ

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Re: Student exited without any Parent signature

Hi @zenin and welcome to the ReachOut forums - it is so cool that you found us here.


The situation you describe in your post sounds so incredibly frustrating and must have taken a toll on both you and your son I can only imagine how hard it has been to navigate this.


I just wanted to let you know that I made an edit to the specific questions you asked in your post to ensure that it is in line with our community guidelines around giving legal advice.  I hope you don't mind and that the other amazing parents here can support you and advise you more generally about what you are facing right now.


I was wondering, have you spoken to anyone other than your son's school about what the specific rules are that govern this type of situation?  In particular, I was wondering if you had spoken to the Victorian Department of Education and Training with these questions.


You can call them on (03) 9637 2000 (general enquiries) or on 1800 809 834 (Information and referral service).


They might be able to give you some concrete advice around the questions you ask.

Casual scribe

Re: Student exited without any Parent signature

Thank you i will be calling them today cheers Russ