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Having another baby


Having another baby

We are a blended family myself with 4 kids my partner with 1. We have been doing ivf for 2 years bit I'm struggling with the idea of stopping. My partner is wanting to stop, sating maybe we should just focus on our relationship and keep it good and let go of ivf. Will I regret it down the track? And is he saying this to save me from more dissapointment? Is a blended child a positive or negative? Anyone with experience?

Re: Having another baby

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Hey @Brk81 

This is such a tough decision and a really tricky spot for you to be in right now. Do you feel pressured to make the choice right now? Or do you have some more time to talk it through with your partner further?

I hope other parents are able to jump on here and provide support as well but if you wanted to chat to someone one-on-one you could maybe try Parentline. They offer phone counselling to talk through any issues related to parenting, if you think that might be helpful for you. 

Let us know how you get on Heart

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