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How well do you LIFE!

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How well do you LIFE!

Tongue in cheek or real?
Life for us is with humour as much as we can and always with respect .
It's a phrase started by my daughter - I don't LIFE well. Actually she does she was suppressed by herself in a world which she did not ask to be in and struggled - I saw her and see her. Now she is almost 14 and is blossoming entering with maturity each day into her brace (or fave) new world - body and mind.
Learning teaching living without judgement in a world which is learning to catch up ... new hair shaved in places dyed a few colours in others , a binder and a whole new style . Likened to the lotus she has grown and blossoms through mud. So love her way of heart. My son has been on his first excursion since online schooling started recently and loved the experience - me too knowing he knows space is held safely for him to venture ...
and me yoga yoga yoga and more blesses my path , communication and growth being nurtured , seeing the lessons in life and love .

So how do we LIFE
Absolutely with Love
Our path is ours
Some understand
Those that don't will they ever
Yet tribe
My tribe talking to your tribe
Through heart
That's how we LIFE 🙏🏻💕🌈

So how you been LIFE - ing
Dearest souls at Reachout

Ps Mercury retrograde August 14
Will a beautiful wise grandmother moon to light up the path

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Re: How well do you LIFE!

Namaste @Red21. I've been thinking about you recently, and here you are! I'm glad to hear your news, and things sound to be going along pretty well Smiley Happy


"I don't LIFE well". What an articulate way for a teen to bundle 'the crap' together. Clever soul she sounds. One that's maybe been here before?! Your son's excursion sounds like a wonderful experience for him. Mine does distance ed too, but refuses to attend any excursions or events. I really wish she would as it goes towards her overall results. 


How well do I LIFE? Well, sometimes I reckon I've got it sorted, others I think life has me sorted! It's all a learning curve though, and our experiences give us character. Overall, I think I do well, I just get very tired.


I am feeling pretty good lately. I'm putting on weight and have been working hard at the gym, and that is really good for my mind. 


I'm now resolute in the types of people and behaviour I will accept in my life. My thought patterns are changing, and I'm slowly healing.


I'm enjoying what I'm doing in life at the moment. I'm pretty happy about that! Smiley Happy


Re: How well do you LIFE!

hi @Red21 and @taokat



I love that phrase your daughter came up with @Red21 - its very fitting!


Sadly I don't think I am lifing too well right now


Im battling with issues of control - wanting to control others feelings and actions - and even though I KNOW its a recipe for disaster I cant stop



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Re: How well do you LIFE!

It's ok to be you
Controlling or not
There will come a time
when you let go
Maybe through exhaustion
Character is built
Through lessons in life
We don't always LIFE well
We are human
It's part of our learning
To make mistakes
Being able to stop
Will be possibly when you have given yourself someone else to busy your minds attention creating a other way of being busy or mindful. Allow yourself maybe to simply give into your feelings of control and see what it is which you wish to be holding onto - what do you fear to lose if you simply let go and stopped for a full circle of ones breath. To let go to allow a breath freely taken in and then believe like your breath that you too can let go. Believe the miracle that unci caiously every breath you innately know how to . Can you make this innate subconscious letting go of the breath become a daily practice - one breathe at a time - repeat often and trust that witheach e hale , you are controlling g your letting go into a pathway which will free your ability to be conscious or mindful of where you or who you wish to be each moment. Tread mindfully and walk with your breathe ... allow it as you may allow you to simply be you .

Re: How well do you LIFE!

Some great points there @Red21 thankyou....


I suppose we try and control because we think we cant cope with the alternative - with what would happen if we just let it all happen.  The breathing is a huge factor - I often find myself actually holding my breath!


Thankyou, lots to think about



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Re: How well do you LIFE!

Hey @Beingme2017, it's really hard letting go sometimes hey. I really cannot add much to @Red21's words as I think it's great advice. 


We're really hard on ourselves when there's a clash between what we know and what we feel. You've got a lot on your plate at the moment, be kind to yourself.



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Re: How well do you LIFE!

Thanks to share !! I found great points here.