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Just a thought ...
before an action ask yourself
'Is that a priority for me right now? '

See how it feels
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Re: Priority

Wonderful suggestion @Red21

I love how non-judgemental it is.

I have a tendency to say to myself "should you be doing this?" or even worse "you should NOT be doing this." most of the time it just kickstarts the defiant teenager in me who bridges up at the word 'should'.


The other thing I like about it, is it allows for fun, non-productive things to still be done. Sometimes my priority is to distract myself with silly gifs or reconnect with peers via social media or whatever and I feel like this allows for all that.


Re: Priority

One of the  prominent ingredients of anxiety is the " mustobeytions " ( make sure there is no auto correct on that one ! )  One of my family members has been managing an anxiety disorder for most of his adult life and this was the core message he was sending his body he discovered in therapy , and he was live streaming this to himself  every day every hour . Catching that sentence and challenging it  was a ongoing commitment and  daily struggle . Through Mindfulness Meditation , and simply being aware  of his " tape " he has improved on these dictations and replaced them with : " Is this really necessary now ? " " Will it matter if it's not done today ? " .  " I have had a busy week , I can relax now  , that can wait " .  Some days are easier than others especially if he has had a stressful week at work but like all of us , he's a work in progress ! 😂

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Re: Priority

My priority tonight was a hot yoga class - detox for the week - another big one - now refreshed and energised 🙏🏻😍
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Re: Priority

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What a great topic and thought @Red21. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself, so I'm going to choose to ask myself if it is a priority for me now in future. I agree with @Ngaio-RO, allows for a little fun too.


And @motherbear - you have a word for our topic on terminologies! I love it!! 'Mustobeytions' and that unhelpful tape that keeps playing in the mind. 


Would you mind adding it to Does Your Family Have It's Own Terminolgies at the link here

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