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School refudal

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School refudal

Hi there
This year my daughter is in yr 9. There has been a strong pushback in going to school. Has anyone had similar issues? Also I note that anxiety and avoidance are playing a part I’m sure. Thanks
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Re: School refudal

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Hi @RachelB and welcome to the online community. It sounds like things are really rough for you and your daughter at present, so it's great you've decided to reach out to us for some extra support. 


We have some resources around school refusal, as it is quite an issue for many parents in Australia. This post may be a good place to start, and has some further reading there too. We also have an article, Everything you need to know about school refusalhope this helps. 


Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to continue to post as needed, and we will do our best to support you through this difficult time. 

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Re: School refudal

Hi again @RachelB , from what you've explained here it sounds as though your daughter is quite reluctant to go to school at the moment, which must be incredibly hard for you to manage as a parent. I'm curious as to how long your daughter has been pushing back against the idea of going to school? You mentioned in your other thread that her self-harm began around the same time that she started high school - has she been struggling with school refusal since then too?

You mentioned that you think that anxiety and avoidance might be involved in your daughter's school refusal - has she mentioned anything in particular that might make her anxious about going to school?