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Today I'm grateful for...

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

@Faob_1  that sounds super impressive! I'd love to try growing eggplants, we have some beetroot, kale and other random stuff growing (from the Woolies seed promotions!) plus a few mandarin trees, but I can't wait to put bigger beds in. I tried zucchini once but it took over everything - last summer we had some accidental cherry tomatoes pop up from our compost that were really tasty too, when I actually tried to grow tomatoes I killed them, but these ones were indestructible! 


That's great that you had such wonderful words said about you, it's a huge thing to see students through year 12 I'm sure, and it's lovely to hear that they took the time to acknowledge it Smiley Happy 


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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

@Faob_1 I really admire your openness to gratitude, and seeing the good happening within your working and home relationships- so powerful! It sounds like you have worked hard to keep those lines of communication open with your children, even in the tough times they can reach out and that is a testament to the supportive environment you foster Heart


Today I am grateful for my dog Oscar. No matter what may day is like, I come home and he is over the moon to see me. Reminds me how much love there is between pets and owners, such a beautiful bond I am grateful for!


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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Having my family safe by my side

being able to tell my kids how much i love them

to have a nice comfy bed to sleep on 

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

I love that @Bnee28 , it can be so easy to take those things for granted sometimes, but they really are some of the most important things in life.  How old are your kids @Bnee28 ? 


Today I'm grateful for being able to hug my kids every morning - even if the 3 year old has kicked me awake at 5am

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

-Coffee....not just today....every day.
-A business partner who I can laugh with, when we really want to cry.
-For my mother in law who has come to stay with us through the holidays so I can focus on a hard time at work with a large standard audit pending 
-That my daughters anxiety is reasonably low this week
-That a naturopath has introduce a natural shake that might actually be working to support her (=no medication increase)

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

@blueskies  I can definitely relate to the gratitude for coffee! We are still mostly working remotely and I really miss the morning walk I used to take with colleagues for our morning coffee, today I put my coffee in a keep cup and had a walk around the block. It wasn't quite the same, but it did me a lot of good to get away from the desk! 


Thank goodness for grandparents in the school holidays hey - today I am very grateful for my parents, who have taken my older child away for a few days of relaxing, beach time and bushwalks. 

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

My beautiful, healthy children. My health. Being able to choose my own way.

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