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Wellbeing Wednesday

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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday

@compassion - 

incredible to hear you reflect on such an incredibly painful year and take the learnings, and hopes you have into 2019. Thank you for sharing, and Heart 


@sunflowermom amazing also to hear you connecting with what @compassion wrote - I'm sorry to hear last year has been so traumatic. Thank you for your reflection that things do get better.. .however slowly.. however painfully.. they do get better. 

Sending you both my thoughts and compassion Heart

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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday



Thank you for your words, fellow mama. 

Your post is so very comforting, and please know that your thoughts and own experiences will keep me company.  


I'm so glad that you can breathe a bit easier now. I've admired that relationships that you've fostered with your daughter; it is so clear that you embody love and support for her.  I (and, I imagine, many others on this board) benefit from your words of wisdom. 


I hope 2019 brings more comfort and happiness for you and your dear gal.


Thank you. 

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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday

@sunflowermum @compassion
Omg your words echoed my year exactly. Sunflowermum if things don’t improve this year, I may just have to quote Liam Neeson...” I will look for you...” Hahaha, don’t stress! We have one more court hearing to get through next week, and then we will know what orders, if any, will be put on our son. After that, we will know if we can breathe again, or not. I have a feeling he thinks he will go back to exactly the point he was at at the start of December. That is, living w gf’s family, ignoring their rules, not attending school, using drugs... generally ignoring all social mores,, let alone laws, and get away with it. Let’s hope the court will take a close look at him and place him on some orders.

In the meantime we keep busy with life...and laugh and smile.
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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday

Hi @Faob_1, we are so glad you have found this helpful. Please keep us updated on what is going on for you Heart It sounds like you are bracing yourselves for what comes next. You have been in this situation for so long, so there is no doubt as to whether you can overcome it.
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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday

Hi @compassion  Thank you for your sweet sentiments!  I am confident we will all experience more joy and less sorrow in 2019.


Hey @Faob_1

I know you are still in the thick of things with court and uncertain about the next steps.  Sometimes the waiting is the worst part- its so hard to formulate a plan when your not sure what's gonna happen next.  I love your sense of humor!  I'm sure it helps through some really stressful times.  One thing I have learned over this past traumatic year is to not overlook the good times. I don't take the little happy moments for granted like I did in the past.  I love what you said about just trying to smile and be happy with your family!