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Yes. You have to go to the school concert.

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Yes. You have to go to the school concert.


Yes. You have to go to the school concert.

I dread this time of year, because it's School Concert time. At my son's school, it goes over two nights as there are now so many rock bands that they can't all fit in one 3-hour torture session.


My son's rock band was the 11th act on a 12 act gig. Some of those bands did 3 songs each. Three, Songs. Each. I feared it would never end. I sat through it, smiling and applauding. No-one but me seemed aware of the:

  • way too loudness
  • no sense of rhythm or pitch
  • screeching unintelligible lyrics
  • shocking lack of adhering to accepted stage management principles
  • speaker feedback and incorrect backlighting.

I know! It was dreadful! Only my son was good! Perhaps I am too precious but I have very high musical standards, having worked with national orchestras for many years. Sure, every parent there thought only their child was good. But they were all wrong!


I had forced myself to go. I thought up really good excuses about why I couldn't go and my son said it was fine if I wasn't up to it.


Then I remembered my own childhood and being in the concert and looking out to the audience realising no-one was there to see me because my parents worked shiftwork. Or some excuse.


No! I would go! And I would not complain! Because my son deserved it! And I applauded and cheered for everyone because maybe some of those performing had no-one there to see them; and I wanted them to know that I appreciated their courage and effort so I clapped and woo-hoo'ed and smiled.


As we left the school hall to go home and watch recorded State of Origin (fancy putting a school concert on Origin night!! Jeez) my 16-y-o boy gave me a hug! He said "Mum it really meant a lot to me that you were there tonight".


*Sob!* Choke back tears and reply to son: "I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I'm so proud of you."


Wish I could have said the same for the NSW Blues.

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Re: Yes. You have to go to the school concert.

Hi @Mitzi.  I'm hearing you.  When my son was in primary he scored the lead role in their Year 6 play.  He was so excited and practiced his lines at every opportunity.  Of cause we were all excited for him to have this experience.  My best friend even volunteered to come along to watch (she is still my best friend). 

So we all go along excited to see this play.  Well the excitement didn't last.  The microphones didn't work properly so we couldn't hear most of it.  Lines were forgotten and young children in the audience cried or were screaming for the majority of the night.

It was the longest 4 hours of my life.  

In saying that, like you, I wouldn't have missed it.  I was proud of my son for the effort and commitment he had shown and he was pleased that we were there to see him perform.

Another way we show our children we are there to support them no matter what.


Re: Yes. You have to go to the school concert.


I have to say though some of the items might be boring, I actually enjoyed each of the concerts right from the first year we came to Australia. Just look at what I did in one year:

school talent show, Xmas concert, musical, shire music festival, shire dance, sydney dance festival, school spect., create south, plus performances in the local shopping centre. 


I am proud of my daughter and I admire all the teachers and workers and of course parents that made all these shows possible. Those who grow up in this environment might take it for granted, coming from a different background, I know how great all these activities are and how influential to our children's future.

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Re: Yes. You have to go to the school concert.

You are a terrific writer @Mitzi! Loved reading this... Thanks for sharing!