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Parents/carers chat and connect: motivation and fear about the future

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Parents/carers chat and connect: motivation and fear about the future

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Parents/carers chat and connect: motivation and fear about the future

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After a very uncertain two years, it's natural that planning for the future may feel really tough for young people. On our online community for teens, we've been hearing from young people about how a lot of them are struggling a bit with motivation, or feeling really worried about their future plans. 


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We've put together some resources here that may be helpful for any parents and carers who are looking for ways to support their teens who are worried about the future, or unsure about what comes next. 


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Helping your teen adjust to living with COVID-19


Headspace work and study are free programs that support 15-25 year olds to plan a career, find employment, or work towards further education - services include one to one support with careers specialists,  to linking in with industry-specific mentors. It's available online or over the phone, and having that kind of practical support can be really helpful to young people who may be about to finish school or further study, and aren't sure what is the best path for them to take. 


We'd love to hear from you -how is your teen feeling about the year ahead?  I know in my family, my tween is still having slightly mixed feelings about what this year may bring - on one hand, they're really excited to be back at school and in a more 'normal' routine. On the other hand, they still find it hard to get really excited about the year ahead, because they experienced so many cancelled plans and disappointment in the last 2 years.  I'm hoping that I can help to support her to build coping skills- as well as doing the same for myself - and that smoother waters lie ahead.