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ReachOut Presents ..Parents and Carers: Ask a Young Person (Almost) Anything!

ReachOut Presents ..Parents and Carers: Ask a Young Person (Almost) Anything!

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ReachOut Presents ..Parents and Carers: Ask a Young Person (Almost) Anything!

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Have you ever wondered what is going on in your teen's head, but known that they may not be ready to open up to you just yet? Or have  something you're really curious to hear a young person's perspective on- but know that it's not the right time to have that conversation with your own child? 


As a parent myself, I've definitely found myself in this situation - especially now that my oldest child is coming up to the teen years, and isn't necessarily wanting to open up to me about everything! 



The Challenges of Living With High-Functioning Autism



We are incredibly lucky at ReachOut to have a team of dedicated, passionate and generous young people who volunteer on our ReachOut Online Community, which is for young people aged 14-25. They provide peer support to the young people who visit the community, share their own lived experience and mental health journeys, and help young people feel supported and connected. 



They've generously offered to answer any questions that parents and carers may  have - so if you've ever wanted to hear from a young person, please feel free to add your question in our form below!


No question is too big or too small - anything from friendships, social media, and relationships,  to school stress,  mental health, and worries about the future. We would love to hear from you! 


All questions will be responded to by our Online Community Volunteers- please make sure that you don't include any identifying information, and it's fine to submit questions anonymously.  



We will aim to have our first response published by the end of November, and will post responses regularly. 





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Re: ReachOut Presents ..Parents and Carers: Ask a Young Person (Almost) Anything!

Hi parents/carers: just tagging parents who've been active recently who may be keen to take part in this activity! 


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