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I kinda hate my step son...

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Re: I kinda hate my step son...

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Hey, @daysaway11 we're really happy that it was a relief to know you're not alone. We find that many step-families share similar frustrations. It's such a difficult position to be in and we want you to know there's support available. 


I thought it might be helpful to share a link to our one-to-one parenting support service, you can read all about it here. We offer free sessions to get support, advice, etc on all kinds of parenting challenges. 


Relationships Australia also do lots of work with step-families. If you think it would be helpful to have someone to openly share your frustrations with they would be really good to talk to. 


We had a psychologist give some advice here about step-parent conflict and other people in your position have found that helpful too. 


We wanted to share our community guidelines here as well and let you know that we edited parts of your post. We really value honest conversations about real-life issues that affect families and the valid emotions people feel in step-families. Our guidelines help us have those conversations in a way that promotes the well-being of young people and their parents. 




Re: I kinda hate my step son...

How did it turn out? I’m in the same position. I’m losing it!!!!
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Re: I kinda hate my step son...

Hi @Mamabear1234, thanks for checking in on another member of our community. We are here to listen if you'd like to share more of what is going on for you Heart

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Re: I kinda hate my step son...

Omg this is practically my situation to a tee. I don't think inhave alot of advice because I am also lost as to how to deal but you are not alone 😥

Re: I kinda hate my step son...

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Welcome to the forums @Lonely 

Sounds like you're going through a really hard time knowing how to manage the relationship with your stepchild, is that right? If you'd like to talk about it some more, we're here to listen. Heart

You're also very welcome to start a new thread here if you'd like to. 


Re: I kinda hate my step son...

I just came actoss your post. I have the same exact stepson issues. Mine age 14 now, addicted to VG and Tik Tok. No hygiene, never does what I ask for, lies all the time. I love my husband very very much but can't stand my stepson for most of the time. We live together since more than 2 years now and I gave already told my husband about my feelings. He is very emotional and does not validate my feelings at all. I don t want to loose my husband but I don't know what to do.
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Re: I kinda hate my step son...

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Hi @Deepblue 

Thanks for sharing with us, being part of a blended family can have it's ups and downs! Here are some articles you might like to read to get some tips on how best to handle your situation. We are an Australian-based service, so are limited in the support we can provide, but recommend getting in touch with your local family or parent service to get some more advice on how to connect more as a family.

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