15 Year Old Son Smoking Weed

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15 Year Old Son Smoking Weed

So I’ve just found out my 15 yo son has been smoking weed with friends he’s know since he was a young kid. He has been caught doing it at school and suspended now. The more we delve into this issue the more lies we are uncovering.
His father and I are divorced but have a good relationship together and with him. So do our prospective partners. We have all had discussions with him about the impact smoking and drinking at this age can have not only health related but also socially.
Not sure where to go from here?

Community Manager

Re: 15 Year Old Son Smoking Weed

Hi @blondemum and welcome to ReachOut! We hope that you are able to speak to other parents here and seek support.


It sounds like finding out your son is smoking weed was a real shock. Suspensions are quite serious, so it is really great to hear that both you and your ex husband are on the same page when it comes to smoking weed. 


I am wondering whether you have had any contact with the other friends' families? 


Teens and marijuana use is something we hear from parents as an area of concern in a lot of homes. There have been quite a few parents here who can relate: @Celeste17 just recently posted that their son is also using weed at the moment, @workingdad2 posted a while back here and @ihavefailed made a topic here. I hope this gives a starting point- I would be interested to hear your thoughts whether other parents have had any suggestions that you could try. 


@sunflowermom, and @compassion have also had some recent discussion about weed and teens- do you have any suggestions/insights for @blondemum?


Please feel welcome to check back in with us- we would really love to hear how you are going 


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