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Desperate mother

Help, my 15 year old daughter is spiralling out of control. She's been sneaking out and not coming back for days on end. She's taking drugs and God knows what else. I've been to the police, I've tried doctors and councilling but nothing helps. She hasn't been to school for months and is reckless and careless.

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Hi there @Tired1


I am so glad you found us here on the forums – I can tell even from your user name that you are feeling like you are at the end of your rope.  Your family has been doing it tough for a long time and it is only natural that this would wear you down.


It must be so frustrating that with all the things you have tried that nothing has worked so far to help your daughter and your family out of this situation.  But just because nothing has worked so far it does not mean that nothing will ever work!


I really wanted to share some info about ReachOut Parents Coaching which I really feel will help you out at the moment.


The service is free, online and run by professionals from The Benevolent Society. You can focus of specific concerns, like managing your daughter's behaviour as well as helping improve communication skills.


TBS have been running this face to face for years – it is really practical and has helped  a great number of parents of 12 – 18 year-olds. I really think it could help you to take the next steps.


You can find out more by following this link.


Please let us know what you think.


I am also tagging a couple of people who have been super helpful and supportive in the past as their ideas are bound to be amazing - @Chalke5 and @the_ant65.

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Re: Desperate mother

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@Tired1  So sorry to hear about all that you're going through with your Daughter, you must be emotionally exhausted during all these changes in her behaviour. If you are in Australia (we're an Australian site) there's a support line you can get in touch with here.  They service a few different states, and can help ensure your emotional needs are met as well during this tricky time.


I am sorry to hear that the counselling didn't work. Was your Daughter unwilling to attend? What's been the major shift/change that has caused this behaviour? We're here to listen.