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Grandparent caring for troubled teen

Grandparent caring for troubled teen


Grandparent caring for troubled teen

As Grandparents we are going to be caring for our Grand Daughter for a prolonged period.

We have to put her into school and also deal with her mental health.

Her parents have tried everything to deal with her issues and have had no success.

She has personal care issues and social media issues.

Just wondering if anyone has been in this situation and might have some advice.


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Re: Grandparent caring for troubled teen

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Hi @footy , 


I'm really sorry for the late response to this post - welcome to the ReachOut forums, we're glad you've found this space. 


It sounds like your granddaughter is really lucky to have you in her life. Do you mind if I ask how old your Granddaughter is? What kind of mental health challenges is she experiencing at the moment?  Has she been seeing any mental health professionals to get support for this? 


I saw you mentioned that she's having issues with using social media - that's definitely something we hear about quite a lot, from young people using social media too often, to people experiencing bullying over social media, or sharing inappropriate content.  On the other hand, it can also be a really valuable way for young people to connect with each other. We have some great resources on our ReachOut Parents page here that might be helpful- what aspect of her social media use are you concerned about? 


Looking forward to hearing from you- I'm also going to tag some other parents here who have teens of a similar age who may be able to share their experiences @Birdwings  @LAWZE_H  @JamOnToast @OhGosh 

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Re: Grandparent caring for troubled teen

Hi Footy,

Sorry to hear about your grand daughter's struggles and the difficulties her parents have been having. BReading through your message, I had a few questions such as how old is your grand-daughter as that has quite an impact on what sort of ideas I'd recommend and would you mind also elaborating on what you mean by personal care issues. Off the cuff, it sounds like she isn't taking care of herself and might be depressed. Also, if she feels rejected by her parents, low self esteem would be a factor. While giving her parents a break is good and it's great that you're taking her in and giving her a loving home, it would also be good to try to rebuild relationships with her parents n really small also miniscule steps. 

One of the things that often comes up in the forum here, is that going for a drive with teens can help to build connection. While there's this idea about looking people in the eye and using eye contact in conversation as a rule, that can be confronting to teens and can feel like an interrogation. Going for a walk, cooking, fishing, gardening are also activities you can do together that are side by side as well. 

I am Mum to a 17 year old son and 15 year old daughter, and my parents have been a big part of their lives growing up, although they've seen less of them over the last couple of years, especially due to covid. Grandparents often have a critical role in their grandchildren's lives. I was very close to my grandparents and often spent time with them during school holidays and clashed terribly with my mother. I don't really feel my mother made a huge effort to connect with me and didn't really understand me.My Dad and my grandparents were my anchors. I' still not real close to my Mum but my kids are ad I'm grateful for that. Families are very complex entities and as long as there are close connections somewhere in the mix and ypung peple have someone to turn to, you can bridge difficult relationships. 

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,