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Moving away from kids

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Moving away from kids

I will be moving to another country for work next year. I don't know how to tell my kids, who live in another state with their mother.

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Re: Moving away from kids

Hi @Glennross Welcome to ReachOut Parents!


Delivering bad news is always tough but I think honesty is always the best policy.

Although a lot depends on their ages, in terms of what's appropriate.

And how much things will change. Do you see them often now and what will it change to once you move?



Re: Moving away from kids

hi @Glennross welcome!


That's a really tough one.


As @Ngaio-RO asked, how old are the kids? Have you had them every second weekend or 50-50 or something in between?


I guess because it is for 12 months and for work it may be not as difficult to understand as if you were moving away "forever".


Hope you pop back in and give us a bit more info so we can chat about it some more Smiley Happy


Re: Moving away from kids

Hi @Glennross, I also think that their age is a big factor and is it possible they could visit you at least once? An overseas trip may be a great sweetener Smiley Happy I feel for you - that's tough