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My Son's disclosure of pansexuality to me

My Son's disclosure of pansexuality to me


My Son's disclosure of pansexuality to me



I am a new member to this forum.  Today my Son took me to lunch and disclosed to me that he identifies as a Pansexual.  He told me that he has been thinking about this since he has been 14 years old.  Needless to say, I was shocked because I have asked him questions before on his sexuality and he always told me that he was a heterosexual male.  


I just want to make sure that I am being fully supportive of my Son and his disclosure about his sexuality.  Quite frankly, he could have told me he was a "unicorn" and I would have supported him no matter what because he is my Son and I love him very much.


My worry is how his father and society will react towards him.  My son is also multiracial and has had comments of a racist nature made towards him and now add upon this his preference in sexuality.


How can I make sure that my Son remains safe and that I give him all the support necessary?  Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: My Son's disclosure of pansexuality to me

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Hello @Butterfly72 , I am sorry to hear that you have some concerns about your son moving forward. It sounds like you care a lot about your son and that he cares a lot about you too. Sounds like you have a supportive and understanding relationship with your son.


I have attached a link here to another thread that discusses supporting teens with their sexuality. Hopefully you find the other comments and links to be helpful Smiley Happy

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Re: My Son's disclosure of pansexuality to me

I also worry about how the older generation in my family, and society will treat my child.  It is scary to think that our children will be treated different!