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My daughter is in hospital

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My daughter is in hospital

I took her to emergency for a mental health assessment last Friday, and they admitted her Friday night.


I've been coping very well with the crisis phase, but today I just feel super flat. 


The psychiatrist suggested that she just needs some intensive psychological support, so I'm hoping she gets it in hospital, and that they can link her up as an out patient when she's well enough to leave.


I just wish we weren't dealing with anxiety and depression. I look at pictures of her peers, travelling, working, having fun...I can't help feeling that we failed somewhere along the line.


I think I only feel like that because the psychiatrist yesterday wanted so much family background - understandable, but it also made me feel like I was on the stand.


Anyway, I just needed a safe place to share on a sad day.


Re: My daughter is in hospital

@Sadie A hug for you and your daughter!


You'd been very brave and I am glad that you stayed calm and take things into your hands. I am sure with the professional helps your daughter get from the hospital, both of you will be more equiped to cope with your situations.


Do come here and share with us your experiences and feelings and in the mean time, try to find time for yourself to relax, meet with friends or may be just make yourself a cup of tea/coffee! It is very important to take care of yourself.

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Re: My daughter is in hospital

@Sadie it's understandable that you're feeling flat today with everything that has been going on. 


I can only imagine how worried and stressed you are about your daughter. You've done a great job to get your daughter where she needs to be and you definitely haven't failed. And all those happy snaps of her peers don't show what's trully going on in someone's life. Everyone is facing their own challenges in life. 


Please do keep us posted on how everything goes for you over the next couple of weeks and remember that you can stop by anytime you need a safe place to share.

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Re: My daughter is in hospital



I feel like there's an ache in my heart that won't go away. It feels terrible to have her away from us where I can't help - or can only help for 2hrs a day.


I rang to check on her tonight and she is crying and not eating. And I'm here, and she's there and I can't do anything until visiting hours tomorrow.


It's devastating. I am trying to be the very calm one for everyone else (kids, husband, parents) but it's hard at times.


I did go for a walk with a friend today, which helped for a while. 


Re: My daughter is in hospital

That does sound like an extremely difficult position to be in, but try to remind yourself you're doing the very best for her by getting intensive support. You could also talk to the hospital about what you're struggling with incase they have some suggestions. How are you doing today?

Re: My daughter is in hospital

Oh @Sadie I'm so sorry you're all going through that. Smiley Sad  Having that intensive treatment will be good and also give you the support afterwards.

Yes, look after yourself too and remember that what you see on facebook etc isn't real life. Most of my friends have no idea what we're going through and on the outside and on facebook they'd have no reason to suspect.

Stay in touch. I'll be thinking of you.

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Re: My daughter is in hospital

Sending a hug your way @Sadie. You're doing the best you can and that's what matters for your family.


Re: My daughter is in hospital

How are you doing @Sadie? How is your daughter?

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