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Support for daughters (Trigger Warning)

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Support for daughters (Trigger Warning)


Support for daughters (Trigger Warning)

My girls were molested at their dad's by their new 16 year old step brother. ages 7/9. Their dad called them liars and since we were in the middle of a custody battle...charges were dropped.It was concluded that something sexual did happen and it did!t just not enough to convict during that time.. He divorced that family (for non related reasons). now after all that...He is back with her after being divorced for 9 months (19 months since case was closed)he insists on taking my kids back to that house around him. My ex also admitted to allowing our daughters to play in his room with door locked during the 2 years the sexual abuse occurred. He denied this during the investigation. My kids are hurt an confused. It's crazy to me how he would pick this woman and her family again..can he be charged for lying 2 yrs. Ago, allowing our daughters to be locked in a room with this teen those 2 years?

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Re: Support for daughters

Hi @Mamame welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing this with us. What an awful situation to be in and breach of trust, I can only imagine how hurt and confused your daughters are and the anger and frustation you are feeling also. What can be done to ensure the safety of your daughters ongoing? If you have concerns about their safety please contact relevant authorities. I've just moved this post into a new thread and titled it "Support for daughters" so other members can see it and you'll be able to get some support and advice around this from our community. I've also included a "trigger warning" so other members know that the content may be triggering for them. I'll tag a few of our members @Sister @taokat @sunflowermom @Schooner


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Re: Support for daughters

Dear @Mamame

I am so sorry you and your daughters are going through this.  I know that horrible feeling of your childs innocence being taken away.  Its heartbreaking and leaves such a huge painful hole in your chest. Have your daughters been able to meet with a therapist surrounding this issue yet?  My daughter had something similar happen to her when she was 8 for about 6 months.  But I did not know at the time and now that she is 14 she is dealing with the trauma in unhealthy ways.  I'm not saying that to scare you.  Its just whats going on for us now.

I agree with @Lan-RO about asking if you have a safety plan for the girls and contacting authorities if your ex doesn't comply with your requests.  My heart breaks for you.  Sending hugs.

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Re: Support for daughters (Trigger Warning)

Hi @Mamame, what a horrible situation for you and your girls to be in, my heart goes out to you. My suggestion would be to take your ex's information to the family court and fight to have current orders changed. We can't give legal advice in the forum, however my focus would be trying to eliminate contact with the boy going forward. 


Have the girls had counselling around what happened to them? And how are you managing yourself? It's such a difficult thing to deal with as a parent as well. I know I struggled with anger and a broken heart because of what happened to my girl. My thoughts are with you.