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lack of support

Every person is entitled to annual leave and Christmas holidays!

But these people that we bare our souls to (Counselors, Psychologist and Psychiatrist) are not there when they may be needed.  Unreasonable I know.... I get it..... But for me it brings home that is just another paying job.  I know that the Emergency services are available and many are manned by volunteers. 

When I took my daughter to her first appointment with a Psychologist, I received paperwork in the mail advising me of the fees, the reception advised me of the fees when we arrived for our appointment and EVEN the Psychologist went over the fees with me.  I sent an email of complaint, advising that I know it is a business but I don't give a **bleep** about the fees, my daughter just tried to kill herself.

I now I am ranting, but it is therapeutic.  I am understanding of the real world, but still feel  abandoned.

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Re: lack of support

Hey @Nervous sounds like that therapy practice maybe need to review the way they approach their invoices/finances. I would be frustrated too for sure. In terms of the holiday shut down you're right it can feel isolating. There's a few services open still all the way through, SCBS 1300 659 467. There's also Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800. Has your Daughter tried either of these?


How are you feeling at the moment?


Re: lack of support

Hi @Nervous,

I am so sorry this is happening to you and your daughter. I can't believe that someone/a business  would go over fees with you  3 times when  your daughter is in a crisis ! As counsellors and psychologists we have to prioritise  the client. I  am sure if she was bleeding profusely  in front of you then would not be asking for bloody paper work and fees  !  As a counsellor and Mum myself I  get so cross when mental illness is not give the critical immediate intervention it needs. I am sorry you had this experience , believe me we are not all like that !!


I am so sorry your daughter tied to kill herself you both must be in so much pain. I am so sorry you feel abandoned and alone in this . Please know we are here to listen to you rant and vent anytime you want.

Keep being a squeaky wheel for your precious child, the health system is so underfunded that to get adequate care means you  have to be in their ear constantly, asking for what you need for your child to be safe.  Always make sure you tell them you are in a crisis because that is what they respond to most quickly.


My thoughts and deepest best wishes to you both . May your Christmas be a safe and peaceful one . Please let us know how you both are soon.



Re: lack of support

Hi @Nervous - I totally get what you are saying - I sometimes feel like that too - these support networks we turn to are there because they are being paid to be. That said - I would like to think that they are in that industry because they care and are passionate about what they do. And that sits better with me.


Sounds like the organisation where you went to with your daughter seemed a little too focused on the fees which really makes it seem like that is what they are more concerned with. I am glad you emailed them about it - what happened - did they respond? They may not have realised they ALL talked about fees. As @Breez-RO said they really need to reassess their procedures.


It is a difficult time when businesses start closing for holidays etc but yes those helplines are available and you can always chat to one of us here as well we will be popping in as much as possible.


Hang in there - your daughter is lucky to have a mum like you fighting for her - I hope this Christmas can be a positive family time for you guys.

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Re: lack of support

Hello Beingme2017

A Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

No I did not hear back from my email complaint, but my daughter is slowly, slowly feeling more comfortable with the psychologist so I will let sleeping dogs lay

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Re: lack of support

Hello Motherbear (such a great Call Sign by the way)

Its all a learning curve, which is why this forum is so great (my first forum).  Apparently when we were discharged from the hospital we should have been referred to places like "CAMHS".  Instead we were just told to go see our family GP.  I have since heard of CAMHS when discussing my difficulties with the High School Student Services Manager... I was in great distress and was talking to him on the phone as I could not get my daughter to attend school.  The Student Services Manager thankfully recognized my distress and had the School Physiologist refer me to CAMHS..  We parents need support too!

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Re: lack of support

I'm so happy you've been told about CAMHS @Nervous! I mentioned them in my last reply to another thread of yours, so it was great to see you've already heard about them. It's CYMHS in my state now, but it was only a name change, it's the same service. Because they support the whole family, I can go and see my daughter's counsellor on my own when I need it too. We've been with this counsellor for years, she's fabulous. She helped us with school meetings, trying to get a plan in place for my daughter who also had attendance problems. 


We so do need support! It's stressful, confusing, draining and mostly unknown territory for us. It can be difficult over the Christmas period, but I hope those numbers can be of help. And as @motherbear said, we're always here for support. 


It must've seemed so harsh being told about fees by 3 different people. I hope your email can get them to change their policy around this. While I understand that they should be responsible and advise of fees before providing a service, it sounds like they really overdo it! If a psychologist was to see myself or my daughter without advising fees then hit me with a huge bill I wouldn't be able to afford it which would add to my stress, but surely they could get clients to sign something acknowledging costs - they could send that out with the notification of fees. I can be a little outspoken, but would you feel comfortable suggesting something like that to them? It'd be so useful to others and may give you a feeling of (nicely) kicking butt! 




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