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Blended Families at Christmas

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Blended Families at Christmas

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Blended Families at Christmas

If you're co-parenting a young person with an ex, raising your young person with a new partner, raising someone else's young person or a thousand other versions of the modern day family, then Christmas can be tough.


Do you make it work? Or are you still trying to come up with a workable solution?


I know @messylife@waldo_pepper and @tenacious_dad have all shared their amazing stories about juggling these types of issues. I'd love to hear if Christmas 2016 has brought about something new.

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Re: Blended Families at Christmas

I hope it's ok to reply to this.


We have this. I mean really have this. My kid has a step mum and a step dad as well as a half sister. Then I have step parents too so Xmas is a day oif driving all over the place trying to spend time with everyone. It's not great. We tried doing the combined Xmas years back but it was worse. My poor kid was a wreck at the end of the day, trying to make suer nobody felt left out. (that's her all over) It's why I don't look forward to xmas at all.

The only bonus is she gets a stack of pressies.


Anyone else go through this? I'm keen to hear better ways of doing it.