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Coronavirus isolation with kids

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Coronavirus isolation with kids


Coronavirus isolation with kids

Anyone else struggling with the thought of isolation for maybe 3 months?? What are you guys going to do to keep the kids entertained??

I found this group earlier on FB which has been helping me a bit. Thought I would share it on here for anyone else who doesn't want to go mad


But would love some other guidance and suggestions too?

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Re: Coronavirus isolation with kids

Hi @CJ030,


Really great question- with kids home more often I am sure that the issue of how to keep kids entertained is going to be a big one!


What ideas do you have so far?


Looking forward to hearing the community's ideas on this one. Just going to tag a few parents who might be able to help get the ball rolling on brainstorming: @JAKGR8@sunflowermom @Dad4good @sidneysdad @compassion 


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Re: Coronavirus isolation with kids

I found a site last week that my kids are loving (primary school age)

It has loads of online STEM classes that I have no idea about teaching, so for me it was great to let teachers do that for them. It's very well laid out, and the kids are really enjoying the teachers and the worksheets and videos. I am not techy at all so I'm happy to have found this help! Otherwise I'd be tearing my hair out! 

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Re: Coronavirus isolation with kids

We’ve been spending the quarantine looking for big outdoor spaces for our kids to run around in. We actually bought gps tracking smartwatches for them so we can keep tabs on them as they play. Highly recommend.
Nothing like the great outdoors to take your mind off of all these problems!

Re: Coronavirus isolation with kids

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