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Nude son

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Nude son

I am a 48yo mum and my 17 year old son has started to roam the house with his 'thing' out.

I don't mind him doing this but I dont know if it's the right thing to do or not,
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Re: Nude son

Hi @Brennan ,


Thank you for posting here on the forums. I am not sure if there is a right and a wrong in this situation. It is more dependent on what you and anyone who lives in the house, feels comfortable with. Is this something you son has just recently started doing? And how comfortable would you be having a conversation with your son about this? In general social situations, it is not socially acceptable to be naked in public for a variety of reasons and if your son does not understand this it might be a good indication for you to have a conversation with him about social norms and expectations. 


Please do let us know how it goes or give us any more information for context! Definitely a tricky thing to navigate.



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Re: Nude son

Im a single mum of 4 boys and 4 grandsons so i cant afford to be backward in coming forward, I call a spade a spade. In their own homes they can do what they like if I dont like it I could always leave, their house their rules but in my home I have my rules and yes theres plenty as I remind them " I am your mother not your maid". I dont let any of them walk around the house naked (they wear their boxer shorts) they wouldn,t do it at anyone else,s place so "if you dont do it at your girlfriends parents place dont do it at your mothers place" plus I really wouldnt handle 8 peckers hanging out around the house lol, im by no means a prude but jocks or boxers is the minimum in my home.

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Re: Nude son

@charliebear  I really appreciate your response, your comment about peckers made me giggle- I'm now a mum of a young boy as well as a tween, and we have to have many discussions about boundaries, and keeping certain parts of our bodies to ourselves! 


I love how you've set clear boundaries in a really authentic and genuine way - I think that is so important. 


Life must be extremely busy as a mum of 4 and grandma of 4- do you see a lot of your grandsons? I was a sole parent for 4 years, and while it was definitely super challenging at times, I also now have a very close relationship with my daughter, that remains close now I have married.  Single parenting can be a tough gig at times, do you have much support for yourself? I found that it was my fellow mum friends who kept me sane - whether that was in person, over the phone, or mates I met in various online support groups over the years Heart