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Tech, screen time & balance

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Re: Technology, 'screen time' & balance

Spot on @tenacious_dad & @Mitzi  


Technology is a tool, and it is huge part of how our kids conduct their relationships.  And as parents we want to help them learn how to form healthy relationships.  Having draconian screen time rules is only going be counter productive to this.


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Re: Technology, 'screen time' & balance

Balance is key but I love another comment that balance is different for everyone.

So I agree - one size does not fit all.

I also think that the negative press about screen time a few years back, is not as prevalent - ie there are so many positives, so lets celebrate those positives and recognise that the world has moved on. You may get small credit for recognising that too - well not immediate and certainly not overt - but it might be there, nonetheless!


Re: Technology, 'screen time' & balance

Absolutely - it is a tool and sometimes key aspects of socialising happen through technology
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Re: Technology, 'screen time' & balance

Loved reading this thanks
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Re: Technology, 'screen time' & balance

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I'd love to hear from these parents over at this thread:


Tips for raising a generation of 'Digital Natives'.


And to hear how things are now.