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15 year old has 20 year old boyfreind

15 year old has 20 year old boyfreind

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15 year old has 20 year old boyfreind

My daughter is 15 years old and is completely out of control..i am scared for her..she ran away about a month ago and after a 10 day search we found her a couple hundreds miles away and went to bring her home..but. now after only a few weeks she is gone there anything I can do ..the last time she ran away she was with here 20 year old boyfriend but when I try to get help from the police they told me I could do nothing. And now she is gone again..she has been out of control for over a year..she doesn't go to school, she uses any drag, she follows no rules, she cusses me, I have no idea what to do..and this boy she is with was the same one she was with last time and she rested positive for some many drugs when she got there anything I can do about this 20 year old brain washing my daughter?

Re: 15 year old has 20 year old boyfreind

Hi @Cathy0129 welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing. This understandably is an incredibly stressful time for you and I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has been running away and putting herself in unsafe situations. It's great that you've come here for support. How are you looking after yourself throughout all of this? I'm going to tag some of our members who may have been in similar situations or know of someone who has to see if they can provide you with some advice and support @Schooner @taokat @jdbza @sunflowermom @Sister 

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Re: 15 year old has 20 year old boyfreind

It's me Cathy..I am hoping to get across my entire situation so that maybe I can find a place to get some help ..i am only running into dead daughter is home tonight..i got a call from the county sheriff a couple counties over they found my 15 year old daughter and her 20 year old boy f reind walking up the road.some one had called in a domestic dispute and when police arrived it was them..of course since she was under age they couldn't find her name in system so she agreed to give them my number..the only thing illegal they found on them was hypo needles so they called me transported her to local sheriff department and let him go. This all stated with this boy about a month ago when she took off with same guy and I started a search over 3 states until she was found a couple 100 miles away at a home police where called to a overdose..when police arrived and got the people names..they realized it was her and contacted me...when I drove up there to pick her up..i ask if I could get the people that owned the home for adding and abedding and I was told no and then when I wanted to hold the 20 year old boy responsible the police told me there was nothing I could she has ran away actually 3 times and has been with this boy each time but is it true that there is nothing I can do..i know they are having sex but she refuses to let the authorities know so they police say there is nothing I can do..
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Re: 15 year old has 20 year old boyfreind

hi @Cathy0129

Thanks for giving us more information - that is a really tough situation, and I can understand that you must be frustrated with how limited your options are.

It sounds like you're in the US - as we are an Australian service, we are limited in what information around services and supports that we can offer you and can unfortunately only offer you some peer support. 

As @Lan-RO said - it is important that you are accessing support for yourself, and looking after your own wellbeing while this is happening with your daughter. Who do you have in your support network?

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Re: 15 year old has 20 year old boyfreind

Hi @Cathy0129, what an awfully stressful time for you and I can imagine you must be desperate for help for your daughter. 


This must all be taking it's toll on you - are you doing anything to look after you and keep your batteries charged?


I'm sorry we're unable to offer you info as we're in Australia with different resources, laws and processes. I'd suggest looking online to see if there are any US services you can call for further advice on what you can do though. 


Let us know how you get on. 

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