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Hi Kerry! Welcome Smiley Happy @Kerry36

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Hi, I just came across this ReachOut for parents today. I hope it's OK I joined. My son is just out of his teens. Through teen years he developed OCD and anxiety but late last year suffered a sudden psychosis and voluntarily was hospitalised for a few weeks. It's been a difficult, sad, worrying, challenging time. He's a lovely young guy, gentle and kind.
It's a difficult road having a teen/young person with a mental illness, can be so painful, seeing them suffer while other young ones thrive. There is still so much stigma and silence, people (family etc) haven't been helpful like they would if he had a serious physical illness. There's also a lot of misinformation out there.
Anyway.. Hello!! These words got me through the recent very tough time.."You have to believe in the purpose of what you’re doing — that what you’re doing is worth it." My son is worth all the giving, all support my husband and myself and his professional team can give. To recharge I enjoy the garden, flowers, birds, books, music and Netflix!
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Welcome to RO @OneDayAtaTime we're more than happy to have you here! You really have found a warm and supportive community who's here to listen and support you Smiley Happy


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Hi all,
1.I’m a mother to 4 children, 22,20,18&14.
2. I try to keep a sense of humour or just get drunk 😌 Just kidding
3. My 14 year old is struggling at school and just revealed to me that she has tried harming herself to release the tension.
4. Keep communication open. Let them know they can always talk to you, no matter what. And when they do, DON’T react, just listen, assure them you’re there for them. Then go scream in a pillow, cry in the shower and get advise if you don’t have the tools to handle the situation.
5. Not working! Movies, laying in bed, hanging out.

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Welcome to the forum @OneDayAtaTime and @Renee123, it's lovely to have you part of the community!


I look forward to interacting with you in the forum Smiley Happy 


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Hi! Just discovered this forum. Relived to read that I'm am by far not alone! My son, who is 12 had depression and two suicide attempts. It was never forecasted especially at such a young age. He is very kind and gentle, But most of all unique and goofy! He loves to make people laugh! Always puts people before him. He has been to the hospital twice now. I couldn't be more proud. We are a very open family, no need to sugar coat. One thing that we do as a family is talk and treat either as people, not a child/parent. I have been trying to take one day at a time. He has put me down as the only go to for him. This is very new for us, It's been on the table now for about three months. I found myself not taking care of myself, and spiraling downward. Reading some of these post have put a better perspective on the realities of suicide, and coping for parents. I have had my own fair share of depression, I never asked help of any kind though.
I'm relieved to have reached out in hope's of advise, tips, and even just knowing that we aren't alone!
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@Realistic1 - We are so so glad that you have found us here on the forum. 
Thank you for sharing some of your experience with us - as you've said, you are absolutely not alone. 
You will have a lot of insight and experience to share with us here, and I hope that we are able to offer you some support and a 'listening ear' as well. 

Sounds like you've already had a look around the forums, but you might be interested in looking at some of our daily threads such as our grateful one (a helpful and some days surprisingly challenging exercise) , and self-care one (also a challenge to all parents to think about their own care) . 
We have weekly discussions about different issues. Last week's was on self care , and this week is how to respond and support if your teen is self-harming. Jump in if you feel comfortable. 

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums Heart

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We have 4 kids. Well they aren't realy kids any more, our eldest is 28 this year and got married last year, also brought a home, we are very proud of her and every thing she has done. We have 1 son who like our eldest is our pride and joy, he too is in his 20s. Our send daughter is 18 well 19 this year, we are very proud of each tiny step she takes towards fighting her anxiety. And lastly is our 17 year old she is a buding bass player who hasn't quite decided excalty what she wants to do with her self other then be a batista by day and a mixologist of a night and play in a band somewhere between all of that.

To relax I like to read, play games be it 'old fashioned ' table top rpgs where you have to use your imagination to work things out to gaming consoles. But hubby and I also enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, kyaking.

What led you to ReachOut Parents?
That is easy but hard at the same time. Our 18 year old was bullied badly in high school, she went from captian of her school soccer team to a recluse more or less. I worry about her alot.

Top tip about having kids that are going to become teenagers? Be there for them is the best tip I can give. Listen to them when they do come to you and always tr to keep the lines of communication open .

Best thing about the weekends? If i am lucky i get to spend time with all 4 kids and hubby doing one of those relaxing things i spoke about above

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I am not a child psychologist nor a parenting expert with lengthy credentials. But I am a parent who has experienced a great leap in my relationship with children over the years and I am still growing at it. I am neck deep if not body deep into children development and comfort, I take the high road of conscious choice in this new paradigm of parenting.

Interacting with children is not a one -off-go and get it right event but it is a commitment toward nurturing internal qualities and values and that takes a lot longer than simply demanding that the room be cleaned this instant or get the trash taken out this minute.

What I am about to share with you in the next few days is not all on me. I refuse to take credit of all because I stood aside to observe and learn, attended trainings: formal and informal, read books and all that is to it.

This is what I received as impact and experiences from LIFE. I will try to be simply as possible in my delivery so you can have something to take with you everytime.

I have always be involved with children but it took a different turn when I volunteered to be a worker in the children ministry of the fastest growing church in the world. I went on with children development when I applied to be a teacher in a mission school. It did not take long my contribution and excellent performance was recognized. I was handed a different school to run but I left after a road accident;i was pregnant, God saved me and the baby. Later, I started supporting schools and parents by providing resources for them. She is growing beyond my expectations.

I have taken dramatic turns in life; schools I attended, marriage, child bearing, being a worker in children ministry, applying for a job as head teacher, leading a school management, leading a business and many other turns. All these turns led me to this forum. I am so grateful for those turns.

Now taking this journey with you as we walk out of the fog of simply reacting to situation, never understanding that we have a choice in every reaction we had, every action we took. We should take the high road together.

I end this post with a quote from John Luther;
"Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are to some extent, a gift. Good character by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece - by thought, choice, courage and determination"

So I stay with this forum! And watching out for the next piece. Inviting other parent to join us on this journey.

Thank you.

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Hi @Gracioustsward and welcome to the forum.


I have just edited your post to keep in line with the community guidelines that you can read here. We don't actually promote any specific religion or commercial ventures in the forum, but are happy for all parents to share their parenting experiences and what has worked for them in the varying situations we find ourselves in as mums and dads.


Being an Australian site our resources are also local but general support is universal so we are happy to support you however we can.