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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Really beautiful act of kindness from your son @brightstar89 Heart Thinking of our friends in the northern hemisphere experiencing the cold of winter!


Today I am grateful for a nice cup of green tea Smiley Happy Very relaxing!

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Today I am grateful for health after being sick with a cold Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Today I'm grateful for... that is affordable which can keep costs down for parents who send their kids to college with great difficulty. My nephew had academic issues and his mother could not afford tutoring(in the US). He said a subscription for homework help would help. None of us had ever tried something like that, but he seemed confident. We got him some homework help and it seems to have worked out well for him. Apparently this kind of digital support is widely used in colleges. Well thank heavens its available! Smiley Happy

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

An awesome job

A place to rest my head and have a lovely hot shower

A car that doesn't break down

And ...... airconditioning ....Smiley LOL

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

(trigger warning: reference to self harm)


Today, I'm so very grateful for the kindness and compassion of a particular gentle soul/medical practitioner who is helping my daughter with her self harm scars.  


My strong, fierce, lovely child has self harm scars and (without going into detail), the specific way she self harmed clearly reflected trauma, pain, and despair.  I can only imagine the judgement  and further pain that my daughter has faced as a result of these scars.

She has requested medical attention to address the appearance of the scars. It seems to be working and for that I am grateful.  However, I am truly truly grateful for/indebted to the angel who is doing these procedures.  She has treated my daughter with such respect and support and, regardless of what the end result is, I am confident that this person's unflinching kindness in the face of my child's scars is healing, in and of itself. 



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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Hi @compassion,


Your post brought a smile to my face Smiley Happy It is amazing how powerful compassion and kindness from professionals are. It sounds like this has been a really important step forward for your daughter in her recovery, and something very healing for you too. I really love this "My strong, fierce, lovely child"- we can see from your posts that your daughter has so many incredible strengths that have helped her come this far, this is also a huge testament to you and the unwavering support you offer Smiley Happy She is lucky to have you!