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How to keep up with your teens online- free webinar with ReachOut and Telstra, hosted by Em Rusciano

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How to keep up with your teens online- free webinar with ReachOut and Telstra, hosted by Em Rusciano

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How to keep up with your teens online- free webinar with ReachOut and Telstra, hosted by Em Rusciano

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Hello parents and carers, 


We are delighted to announce an exciting webinar, that is available free of charge next week. 



How to keep up with your teens online


Our own Annie Wylie will be representing ReachOut-  here's a bit more about this very exciting, free event! I will be attending with my parent hat on - my daughter is now 12, and is definitely in the age group where I am extremely mindful of her social media use, what apps are appropriate, and constantly having to re-negotiate boundaries along with my husband- around what she's allowed to have on her phone, time limits, amount of scrutiny, and what apps are an absolute no go. 


I work in the digital mental health space, and I still sometimes find it overwhelming! Here's some more details about the event, and if you click through on the top link you can find out all about the wonderful panel. 





It goes without saying that it’s easier to keep up to speed with what teenagers are doing IRL than on the internet. If IRL (internet slang for ‘in real life’) left you scratching your head, you aren’t alone.


Our latest research found one-in-three Australians don’t feel they can keep up with or understand the latest online and social media trends popular with teens.

Not only are Aussies finding it hard to keep up, but 43% of parents of 8-15 year olds also don’t feel strongly confident having conversations with their children around setting boundaries for tech and social media use.


Having “the talk” with your kids these days is more than it used to be. You used to be have hours of child-friendly, regulated content to entertain your kids after school. But in the age of devices, parents can no longer be laissez-faire about the digital habits of their kids.


Su, Linda / Enrichment Time


To help parents who feel like they’re falling behind get up to speed with the latest social media and tech trends tweens and teens are following, we are bringing together a panel of experts to share their knowledge in a free webinar, ‘Keeping Up With Teen Tech’.

Hosted by Em Rusciano, the virtual event is for any parent that has ever wondered:

  • Why is my 15-year-old drinking lettuce water?
  • What on earth is a FYP?
  • Surely watching a gamer playing a game is not as enjoyable as playing the game, right?

Our panellists will explore everything from the social platforms every parent should know about, to what’s #trending and tips on how to set boundaries and navigate conversations about online behaviour.


We want to make Aussie parents feel empowered and educated to ask the right questions and have the conversations they need to be having in 2021.


Everyone is invited to join the conversation on June 22nd at 7pm AEST as Em Rusciano talks with Social Media Expert Grace Watkins, Aussie TikTok sensation Scott Boersen, Telstra cyber safety pro Darren Pauli, and ReachOut Parents’ Annie Wylie as they discuss and explore the ever-developing world of social platforms and tech for teens.


We will run a live Q&A chat on the night, so save your questions for Em or any of the experts and register to attend. Best of all, it’s free!


I will tag some parents who may be interested below - and we we would love to continue the conversation here!


It's something that is often on my mind, I grew up without smartphones and social media, and it's an area of parenting a tween that is particularly challenging for me. 


Hope to 'see' some of you there next week!



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Re: How to keep up with your teens online- free webinar with ReachOut and Telstra, hosted by Em Rusc

Just popping in to tag some parents who have posted recently about similar topics and  may be interested in this event, please do feel free to share this with any friends or family who may like to attend as well Smiley Happy 


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