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Special Discussion: Bullying

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Special Discussion: Bullying

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We want to talk about Bullying 


We’ve noticed that many of you have come to the forums to discuss and get support around bullying.

Bullying is something that takes a huge toll on the victim and their family - it’s also something that parents often find hard to resolve with schools and teachers. 


At ReachOut we try to find ways to support parents to support their teen. We’ve done this in the past by having a special discussion with a young person who has experienced bullying - you can read through here. 


We’ve also put together quite a few guides on what to do if your teen is being impacted by bullying. You can find that and much more about bullying here




How do you talk to your teen about bullying?




What love to get your thoughts @PapaBill @Dad4good @Maggiemay @seaglecc @taokat @Murgatroyd @Dani_ 

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Re: Special Discussion: Bullying

Hi Everyone


I don't have a lot of personal insight on helping my children through bullying.

When I spoke with them about it they indicated they both had people attempt to bully them.

In both cases my children were able to give back as good as they got verbally.


Both my children were restricted from social media until later teems (15+) when they needed to start collaborating for projects in later in school.  


From what I understand this is a big source of bullying so keeping them off social media seemed to work for them