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Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

@taokat- Such a good point that sometimes we have to adjust our self care strategies depending on what' else is happening! Glad you've been managing to do small things for yourself in the midst of a hard week! 

ASMR - so intersting! 


@hippychick - wow that's amazing you live close to a mountain trail! Nature is powerful  - so special to be able to do that with your son as well. 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Music I’m enjoying!

alex lahey 

alex the astronaut

ali barter

amy shark


billie eilish

bishop briggs

confidence man

eilish gilligan

flight facilities

G flip

george maple



jess glynne

King gizzard and the lizard wizard



meg mac


ruby fields

vallis alps

vera blue


Ps pick the odd one out

i have just discovered recently how good a family sharing account on iTunes is. 

You can download to your hearts content, and pick out all those old albums you have not listened to for years (since you gave up on records and tapes)




download all all the latest music to reinvigorate your music collection and taste. 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Hey @Orbit64,


There's some good stuff on your list, I'm working through it Smiley Wink I'm on Spotify and I love the way it takes me on a little random journey after I start it off with a track. There are so many talented people out there!


OK, I couldn't pick the odd one. First I thought Lorde (not aussie), but Halsey and others are there too. There are a lot of super-rock-chicks on your list...maybe there is only one guy? I dunno. King Gizzard stands out as the oddest name!


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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Odd one out

king gizzard and the lizard wizard

long name and radically different music to all the rest. 


They are a talented and prolific band though. I like some of their music, just in small doses though. 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

@Orbit64 what a list!!! I know most of those, but I'm already looking up the ones I haven't heard of.. thanks for all the recommendations! 


Ah of course.. King Gizzard and the Lizzard wizard stick out - i'm a big fan of their stuff, really fun. 


Music is SUCH a good self-care strategy. 
For me blasting it in the car or while cleaning and having a good sing along is massively stress relieving-  or playing something mellow while I sit down with a tea can also de-stress and relax. 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

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@Orbit64 @Schooner @hippychick @taokat @Breez-RO @Big_Crab @Lola-RO @Amirah-RO


I have been loving hearing from all you on how you self care...I've noted a few ideas and popped them into my self-care tool box for later..thanks! 


There's a few resources I wanted to share - 


Heart Aloe Bud - I've been hearing a few things (all good) about this new app - I have to admit, I haven't downloaded it yet, so I can't personally endorse it... BUT I would love to hear from any of you that download it or already have it. Its on the App Store.. not too sure about Android.  Check it out here


Heart Everything is awful and I'm not okay: questions to ask before giving up 

This is a great article to read through when you're feeling overwhelmed with some practical and simple  suggestions on looking after yourself and getting through. 


Heart TedTalks on Self-care - if you like hearing from experts then you might want to check out this playlist that TedTalks have put together on the matter. 


Heart Reflection/ activity: Spend a bit of time to reflect, and ask yourself some questions about how you're travelling in terms of physical and emotional health - and how to tell when you're not doing so well. I like writing my reflections down - but do whatever works for you. Then create a list (or a toolbox) of simple things you can do to look after yourself when you're feeling distressed. 


Toolbox example: 

Have a warm shower 

Go for walk around the block 

Listen to a podcast 

Wash my bed sheets

Go and get a coffee or smoothie

Sit in the sun 

Listen to music 


And a final question: 

What's your top tip to other parents, on how to look after yourself when life gets chaotic? Keen to hear ideas for or from Dads as well, as it seems to often be that we think of self-care as a 'female' thing, but actually its very much a HUMAN thing!  


Please share any thoughts on the resources, or any other questions as well! 


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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Keen to hear from others @Holden @Sister @At-a_loss @vig10


and some of our new members too! @McDonald @Chava22611 @Nixsnow @aquamarine @pnrrnp  

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Well, this Dad enjoys walking in the bush, and going out with a mate to watch live music at a pub.


One of the few times I can really switch off is while I'm watching live music. I guess it gets all of my attention. While I love to listen to Spotify at home I can still get drawn back into things that weigh on my mind (e.g. is my son OK on the bus today? etc). At a pub all I have to think about is how good the music is, is it time for another drink, etc. Plus I chat with a mate remember so and so....what will we have to eat...did you see that...


When I can't get away, and I'm feeling really stressed, I try a bit of "shower Zen". I take a shower, and soap each limb one by one, washing off the soap carefully each time. I listen to the water on my head, and feel the heat. It's a mindfulness thing. I try to just be there in the shower, not thinking about anything else except...showering! There's lots of sensations in a shower, so its easier to be mindful there. Plus there's a smaller chance that someone will interrupt with a "can I get a lift to....", "I need some money for....", "can you help me with..."


Finally, dogs help. My dog is always super happy to see me, doesn't matter what else has happened. That's infectious. Dogs are Zen-masters, we can learn from them.



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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

@Schooner Music, showers, and dogs - an incredible recipe for mindful self-care! (Not necessarily all at the same time... ) 

Ps. How good is live music?! I completely agree that watching live music can be really immersive and in that way, a really mindful and present activity.  

How often do you go see something live?? 




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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Maybe once every couple of months @gina-Ro, not enough! There are a few jazz and blues clubs in the city (Sydney), that's been the most recent targets. I'm not a huge fan of jazz, but played well live I can get into it. Usually there is no cover charge (but they get you on the drinks!). The atmosphere is pretty laid back, we usually chat with a couple of guys in the band too, plus the bar staff. I've struggled for years to get beyond beginner at guitar (stuck on the F-barre chord! arrrgh!) so I really appreciate people who can play an instrument well enough to perform.


Actually I've had a couple of nice afternoons just listening to buskers at Circular Quay too. Some are really good.


Also saw Paul McCartney this year with my daughter. He was incredible. Didn't get to chat with him after the show!.