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Welcome Parents from the batyr forum!

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Welcome Parents from the batyr forum!

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Re: Welcome Parents from the batyr forum!

I think during the through the tough times taking it one day at a time is the best way to go @Big_Crab. It's great your daughter has something to look forward to. It will help keep her focused on something positive.


I hope you're coping okay. It is awful watching your child suffer in any way. I think each parent's situation is relative, and I certainly don't think your situation is any smaller or easier than anyone else's. A child suffering is a child suffering, it's not a scaleable in my belief. Neither is our worry, love, concern or hardship in dealing with it. Like you , I am grateful that we are all to support each other, no matter what the situation. 


I had the same problem not being able to leave a message, but it was late so I just figured the thread had been closed for the night. I hope you have found my apology messages I floating around in the threads @Ngaio-RO