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17 yo low mood no matter what you do, out of answers, no motivation

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17 yo low mood no matter what you do, out of answers, no motivation


17 yo low mood no matter what you do, out of answers, no motivation

My daughter and I live together, her father came back into her life when she was 13 after a period of substance abuse we broke up when she was 1 year old. He is not sympathetic to mental health issues, and I cannot talk to hi about anything.

She is very creative and is a great drawer.

I had help from a family for a few years when she was 11-12 yo, they were strict with school at that time but really struggled to help her because she just couldn't maintain any motivation.

Since 13 yo she self harmed a few times, she dropped out of school in year 11, she was having panic attacks, and than her friend committed suicide and just went from there.

Due to thoughts of overdosing, she has been in community mental health for teens for a few years and psychologists before that. She turns18 in a month so I've booked a psychologist.

She is on fluoxetine 40mg for a few years now,  not much benefit, but they all do the sae thing really.

Finally got her into studying at tafe this year but same things have started happening, keeps coming home, having bad day, low mood low motivation, can't tell me what's wrong, same things.

Doesn't clean her room, doesn't do house work, only likes sitting on the internet watching youtube where she escapes.

Psychiatrists says it's not depression, others say ADD, others severe anxiety,

I'm a shift work nurse who works in mental heath I suspect personality disorder, but very frustrating when no one will acknowledge this to me, I have her booked for another psychologist. And having a personality disorder it does not mean they are not in pain, but it is a different approach which can be quite hard to enact.

Just very frustrating, and it is difficult when you know all the tools, being in mental health for years, but nothing you do makes any difference, and the issues just continue.

It feels horrible to watch you kid suffering, and you don't know what to do anymore.

I don't want to feel like I am palming her off to psychologists all the time, but nothing I do helps at all, I just get a brick wall.

It is like nothing works, and it is just really tiring and frustrating, emotionally exhausting because it is just me and mental health that are involved in her care.

There are so many emotions about this I cannot put into words?

I just wanted to 'reach out' my frustration and see if anyone else can relate.




Re: 17 yo low mood no matter what you do, out of answers, no motivation

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Hey @Mother_of_teen 


Thanks for sharing with us. It sounds like you and your daughter have been through so much. I can only imagine how painful it has been to watch her go through such a hard time, whilst not being able to openly talk to her father about it all. 


Teen years are difficult in the best of times, so for her to have experienced the loss of a friend to suicide must have also been a traumatic thing to have happen. From what you've said, it sounds like you have done everything in your power to keep your daughter safe and on track. 


I can hear the frustration you're experiencing - I want to acknowledge that while it might not feel like it, you are doing so well at keeping your daughter well. I can see why you'd feel like nothing is changing but the fact that you've been able to get your daughter into study is huge. 


It must be hard working in mental health and also having to juggle this in your personal life. I'm just wondering if you have any support? I was just thinking this coaching program we have available with The Benevolent Society, might be of interest to you. 


You are doing so well and I'm really happy you've come here to get this off your chest. I'm wondering if any of our parent champions have some words of support? 


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Re: 17 yo low mood no matter what you do, out of answers, no motivation

Just wanted to say I think you are doing an amazing job as a mumma to get all the help you can for your daughter. It must be so frustrating not being listened to, but you are being incredibly strong in a really tough time. I have no advice, it seems you are doing all you can, I just wanted to say I hear you, I acknowledge your worries and I hope you get more answers/support for your daughter.