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Glasses and Bullying


Glasses and Bullying

Hi Guys


I've recently found out that my son needs glasses and I'm concerned that he might be bullied for it. Is it still a thing to be bullied for wearing glasses though? Or are kids used to people wearing glasses now? Maybe I'm worrying about nothing.


If anyone has any insights or opinions, I'd be so thankful to hear them!




Re: Glasses and Bullying

Hi @KiwiAussieMum, unfortunately it is really hard to say. I do feel that society is more accepting and open.. although it depends on the child doing the bullying. I can understand your concern and want to protect your son.. it might be worth trying to keep your worries at bay until it does happen. It may not happen at all which would be a very lovely thing Smiley Happy I will tag some other members for support @taokat @sunflowermom @Schooner
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Re: Glasses and Bullying

All 3 of my kids wear glasses for school work @KiwiAussieMum. Apparently it’s a modern life thing with all the close book and screen work they do. I have found that they are a big fashion accessory and quite “cool”. My kids aren’t in the most popular groups but fairly strong in themselves. I would suggest getting two pairs if you can- one for school and one for home.

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Re: Glasses and Bullying

Not a problem at all these days wearing glasses.  In my daughter's case it is no biggie. Good luck.


Re: Glasses and Bullying

Hi I work at an optometrist we have kids needing glasses all the time, we find most times kids get upset when they don’t have to have them as kids now days all want to wear them

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