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Hi @Marie23 ,

Welcome to the forums. Thank you for sharing a little about yourself. We reach that your 15 year old has just been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. It sounds like there may be questions around how to best help a teenager with ADHD and anxiety and hence you have reached out to the community.

I'm wondering whether these articles will be helpful to you? They share a little about ADHD and teenagers and Anxiety and teenagers. Here is also a tip sheet about How to help your teen with ADHD and Things to try: anxiety

If you have concerns about how your child is managing at school, it would be good to speak to the school if you haven't already. Sometimes, if needed, adjustments can be put in place to help your child succeed at school.

Do you have supports in place for you or your daughter?

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Hi @AngelMum3 ,


Thank you for responding. It sounds like you are doing the best you can in raising your child to be the best he can. It can be challenging for any parent.

Do you mind telling us how old your son is? It may help us better direct you to relevant services and resources.


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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

I am trying but it’s certainly not easy. He is almost 8 years old.

Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Hi AngelMum3


Thank you for finding the time to reach out to us for support, I just want to start by commending the strength it takes to post on this forum, you should be very proud of the mother you are as you seem to care a lot about your son and his wellbeing.


I was just wondering if you felt comfortable sharing what has been happening for you and your son lately, and why you have you been feeling this way? Additionally, I just wanted to ask about what supports are in place currently for both you and your son and what they may look like, whether it be friends or family or even what professional support you may have such as a counsellor (either at school for your son or just an external counsellor for yourself).


I also wanted to acknowledge how proud you should be for the steps you’ve put in place already. While all the support for your child is amazing you should also make sure you are allocating time for yourself as your own wellbeing and care is just as important and beneficial to you and your son.


We understand from your latest response that you child is not currently a teenager, and while our services are for parents/careers supporting teens, we are still here to support you with any resources and support you may need.


Please know you are welcome to reach out to us on the forums whenever you need, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Smiley Happy

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

I'm throwing myself out there. I generally avoid this stuff as much as possible. But, here goes...
1. How old are your kids and what is one thing they've done recently that made you laugh?
10yrs Boy: this morning he cupcakes his sister and made her laugh
12yr Girl: pulled her tooth out for the tooth fairy and said the next day "I don't know why, but for some reason it hurts" (yes they still believe, and that is kinda gross too! Sorry!!)
14yr Girl: Last night she was dancing and happy (it's been a long time since we've seen this) and was so excited aboutt Halloween
16yr Boy: He spent $12 on chicken (thinking it was food) and came home with 2x baby chickens 🐥
17yr Boy: We had him believing that 'diorhea is genetic, because it runs in his Genes'. Bahahaha
2. Parenting can be really stressful - how do you try to keep those stress levels down? Normally I would go to work but due to current situation, I am currently trying to lfind some time out to go for a walk and of course my hubby and I bounce off each other
3. What led you to ReachOut Parents today? I'm finding it hard to get support from the health system and I was starting to feel like I'm failing as a parent
4. Whats your top tip for parents whose kids are about to enter teenage years? I'm probably the worst to ask, but maybe breathe and remember there is always a rainbow at the end...
5. Whats the best thing about weekends? Family dinner for the most, and I have hubby home so I don't feel so isolated

Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Hi @Raksha05, welcome to the ReachOut community! It’s lovely to have you here Smiley Happy Thank you for sharing a bit about you and your family - it’s heartwarming to hear those moments when your kids brought laughter into your days. It sounds like your family enjoys a lot of fun and joy together!

It's great to hear that you've found solace in taking walks and leaning on your husband for support. Those moments of respite are so important for recharging, and can offer a much-needed breather from the overwhelming aspects of parenting. 

I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re facing in getting the support you need from the health system, and the feelings of failing as a parent you are experiencing. Parenting certainly comes with its challenges, it's important to remember no one has all the answers or gets everything right all the time. It's clear from your post how deeply you love and care for your children, which speaks volumes about your dedication to parenting and supporting your children. 

I know that many parents experience similar feelings of self-doubt and don’t always openly discuss it. It was really brave of you to reach out here, and I am hoping that you are able to connect with other parents who relate to your experiences. 

I really like your advice to remember to breathe and believe in the presence of a “rainbow at the end”. It’s a reminder that challenges are temporary, and there’s always hope ahead. 

Now that you’ve introduced yourself, feel free to post your own thread about anything that's on your mind. You’re not alone in this journey, we are here to support you.

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Isolated and borken hearted


1. How old are your kids and what is one thing they've done recently that made you laugh?

I have two grown-up stepkids but my daughter is nearly 14yo and this time last year decide she wanted to live with mum fulltime.

The last time she made me laugh was the last time I saw her properly which was several months ago.  She dressed up like a young landscaper to help me in her mum's yard.  She wanted me to call her "Brad"

2. Parenting can be really stressful - how do you try to keep those stress levels down?

I have several stresses in my life which together are a potent combination.  I exercise, see friends and volunteer locally

3. What led you to ReachOut Parents today?

I need advice on how I can re-attract her into my life more

4. Whats your top tip for parents whose kids are about to enter teenage years?

Just remember how you were when you were a teenager.

Don't forget that they are testing their independence out.  I see it like they want to try the trapeze by themselves now.  Our job is just to be the net and let them do the rest.

5. Whats the best thing about weekends?

I'm not enjoying mine at the moment. I feel I need to get into routine where my daughter will visit me regularly.

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Re: Isolated and borken hearted

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Hey @cjs_mmm ,

Thank you for sharing. We read that your daughter is so dear to your heart. It sounds like it must have been exceptionally hard when your daughter moved in with her mum full time and you saw little of her. It is understandable that you want to see her move regularly and that you are wanting to be there for her as she is growing up.

You are not alone. As you mentioned, teenagers are trying the trapeze by themselves now and yes, they may be testing their independence. I recognise you want to connect more with your daughter. This article may guide how to effectively communicate with your daughter in a way that lets her see that you want to genuinely connect with her more.

At the same time, I wonder if you would be interested in ReachOut's Parent Coaching if you wanted to have some 1:1 support too. It sounds like you have had some incredible memories with your daughter and you just want to re-ignite that in the midst of growing up.

Remember your own self-care. It recognise it is incredible difficult right now. We encourage your to remember those memories that make you laugh.

There IS hope.

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone! New to this group and this is the first time I’ve ever posted in a forum. Hoping I can find some support/guidance/hope for our son and his episodes.

Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Hey @Possum71 welcome to the parents community! It's really brave of you to jump on here with it being the first time you've ever posted on a forum! I did see you've also shared what's been happening with your son in another post. Thank you for sharing and reaching out for support around such a tough situation. We'll be replying to this post as well shortly with some more support, but in the meantime welcome again and I hope you find the community a safe and supportive place