It is Men's Health Week 2019!

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Community Manager

It is Men's Health Week 2019!

It's Men's Health Week!

Men's health week is a time to reflect on and promote all aspects of Men's Health. Whether it is looking at your personal health and wellbeing or starting a conversation with a teen, family member, friend or with your community, this week is a time to start discussions about health and encourage all the men in our lives to take steps towards overall wellbeing!


This year's theme is Keeping Boys and Men Healthy promoting all men to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle.


What are the key things you need to know about the health of Australian men?

Did you know that many Australian men experience higher rates of health concerns including heart disease and diabetes? Mental health and wellbeing is also another key area impacting the wellbeing of boys and men. The good news is that we can make changes to lifestyle and environmental factors to significantly reduce the risk of health concerns and boost wellbeing! 


Here's some changes you can make:


7 Men's Health Facts

 Canadian Men’s Health Foundation


How can we get more men involved in Men's Health Week?

  • Start a discussion about health and wellbeing with your teen/family
  • Encourage your friends, family and communities to look at their health and take action
  • Join in one of the Men's Health Week events around Australia!



1. Start a conversation with the men in your life including your teens and loved ones about health and wellbeing- post here to let us know how you go! 

2. What changes can you make your lifestyle to live a healthier life?


Check out our community activities calendar for October 2019 here
Community Manager

Re: It is Men's Health Week 2019!

I'll go first to get the conversation started!


1) Start a conversation: This week I had a conversation with my dad about getting a health check up- he had been hesitant to do this for a while, but together we were able to talk about why it is important. He now has an appointment lined up. 


2) Making a change: I am going to try to walk to work from the train station somedays to ensure I am getting some exercise where I would normally catch a tram. 


How will you be joining in Men's Health Week this week? @JAKGR8 @Andrea-RO @Dad4good @PapaBill @Nikkita @Faob_1 




Check out our community activities calendar for October 2019 here
Parent Community Champion

Re: It is Men's Health Week 2019!

I am planning on a few sessions with my mates.. Working on the drinking and just asking them about how their lives are going.  It easy to talk about sports and footy.. Not so easy about how your partner is going and how you feel about that.