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ReachOut Presents #LinkedIn Live In Conversation with ReachOut : Managing teens' study stress

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ReachOut Presents #LinkedIn Live In Conversation with ReachOut : Managing teens' study stress

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ReachOut Presents #LinkedIn Live In Conversation with ReachOut : Managing teens' study stress

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In conversation with ReachOut. Managing teens' study stress and caring for their wellbeing as a parent. #LinkedInLive


In Conversation with ReachOut: Managing teens’ study stress and caring for their wellbeing as a parent


We are really excited to present a new event this week: a live chat on LinkedIn, this Wednesday 20th October. We'd love to see you there- please feel free to share this event with anyone in your network who may be interested!


COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives and, in many cases, our wellbeing too. With disruption to daily routines, a shift to online learning for many and important milestones being missed, it has been a particularly challenging time for teenagers and their families. And, with many students preparing to return to face-to-face learning, many students across the country still have extra challenges to contend with this year. This is especially true for many Year 12 students who are already in exam mode or gearing up for their final exams. 


How can parents help manage teens’ study stress and care for their wellbeing (and their own) in the lead up to exams? 


Next Wednesday 20 October, ABC’s National Medical Reporter, Sophie Scott will be chatting with ReachOut’s Head of Service Delivery, Jackie Hallan and ReachOut’s Online Community Coordinator, Janine Nelson.This will be an intimate and insightful conversation about study stress, with a focus on Year 12 exams, the return to face-to-face learning and tips for parents. 

We will discuss: 

  • the impact of COVID-19 on teens’ education

  • the impact of study stress on the mental health and wellbeing of teens

  • transitioning back to face-to-face learning

  • setting your teen up for study success

  • practical strategies that can make a difference for teens and their parents.

When: Wednesday, 20 October 12:30pm-1:15pm
Where: LinkedIn
Cost: Free


Click here to register your interest



About the guest speakers:



Sophie Scott is a parent and award-winning Australian medical reporter working for ABC TV, radio and online. Her books include Live a Longer Life and Roadtesting Happiness. Sophie is also an Associate Professor (Adjunct) at the University of Notre Dame Medical School, lecturing in health and science communication. You can read more about Sophie at and follow her on LinkedIn and on Instagram at @sophiescott2

Jackie Hallan is a parent and the Head of Service Delivery at ReachOut Australia. Jackie leads a team of 15 that combine the evidence and research insights with subject matter expertise and empathy to bring the service to life. Jackie has 15 years’ experience in program management, health promotion and social marketing across cancer prevention and youth mental health.

Janine Nelson is a parent and the Online Community Coordinator at ReachOut Australia. Janine works across ReachOut’s online peer support communities for young people aged 14-25, and parents and carers of young people. She has qualifications in psychology and health sciences, and has worked in mental health, disability, and community services for 15 years. Like many Australian parents, she also spent the last four months juggling working from home and supporting her teen daughter’s home learning.


We've also got a great collection of resources to help parents support their young people, whether they're about to sit their final exams, are struggling with home learning, or if they're experiencing mixed feelings about returning to school if you're in a state that's coming out of lockdown: 



Surviving Online Learning: A Guide For Families



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We hope you're all travelling well - and would love to see you on Wednesday! 


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Re: ReachOut Presents #LinkedIn Live In Conversation with ReachOut : Managing teens' study stress

Just tagging some of our parents community who may be interested in this one: it's free to register and attend, the link is in the post below Smiley Happy 


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