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Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

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Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

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Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

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Welcome Parents Community to our Topical Tuesday Discussion about...


Mindful Moments for my Teen and I




What is a "Mindful Moment"?
A mindful moment is a time in your day for mindfulness practice, reflection and relaxation. These moments can help reduce stress, refocus the mind and improve wellbeing. 


Managing teenage and life stress isn't always easy, and meditation and mindfulness might seem like just the latest buzzwords, but there is evidence that these concepts are more than just a fad. Techniques like these can be an effective way to manage stress both in the moment and over the long term.

Taking some time each day to focus on quietening our mind by concentrating on our breathing and checking in with how we feel helps us become more grounded or ‘centred’.


Over the last few weeks, we have seen parents on the forums talk about the relaxation and mindfulness routines they build into their days, as well as ways to practice mindful moments with your teens and children. 


This fortnight's Topical Tuesday on Mindful Moments has three focuses:

1. What do you currently do for a Mindful Moment/relaxation?

2. What can you do with your teen to encourage them to build Mindful Moments into their day?

3. What challenge will you set this week to build Mindful Moments into your day?


Not sure where to start? You can always check out our fact sheets on relaxation, coping skills, self care and wellbeing



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Re: Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this post!
I meditate daily, preferably at night and with my tween and teen. They see the benefits of meditation and even tell most famous people regret not learning this skill earlier❗️
I believe in the quote monkey see monkey do. If we’re meditating they will give it a try eventually 😍
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Re: Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

Thanks Jess for bringing up such an important topic ... I feel it’s so important to connect and be in tune with my teenage children aged 18, 16 and 14 at this critical period in their life where they can be easily overwhelmed by so many pressures. I enjoy staying fit, the outdoors and appreciate nature so I walk daily as it clears the mind ... so I encourage and welcome my children to join me and do the same. Most weekends we go on nature walks snd during the walks we relax, laugh, and talk (or not at times) about the simple things in life. And since we’re in a serene and peaceful environment, I take the opportunity to make them aware of their surroundings, environment, circumstances, focus on enjoying the moment and appreciate one another. My moto for my children is have an attitude of gratitude and all shall be fine!
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Re: Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

love this topic!


I so agree @PositiveWhisper that being outside is such a great way to be mindful - I find that as soon as I leave my laptop, phone and other distractions behind, and step outside to walk, I am instantly more present! 
Love that "Attitude of gratitude" - so important. 


So awesome to hear that you mediate so often @Happy- and with your teen and tween as well - amazing. 


Wondering if some of our new members want to contribute? @Cooney@LonelyMum84@CasaPacifica@carey@Barrenjoey@Bubba, @ @lizard0812@Susan444 


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Re: Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

This is a great topic you all might also find interesting for reflection/ sharing: 

 @Mom2three@sunflowermom@mommalovesu@Schooner , 


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Re: Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

I’m finding being mindful is really helping me get through at the moment. My closest friend of 30 years died unexpectedly on Wednesday night and I’ve really been struggling processing it. I haven’t been able to do my usual things but am very aware of looking after myself and dealing with my loss.  I’ve found colouring in is something I can manage as I work through the emotional roller coaster and waterworks, when I can’t do my mosaics, write, garden etc. 


I’m acknowledging how I’m feeling, physically, mentally and emotionally, being really kind to myself at the moment and appreciating being my own friend. 


My daughter is beautiful and keeps saying ‘it’s okay not to be okay mum’, which is true, so I’m trying to show the best example of coping when I’m not okay. I’m really benefiting from all I’ve learned about mindfulness as it’s helping me take care of my current needs. The thought process usually starts with acknowledging my mind is full I’ll admit, but I’m not getting stuck there. Focusing on my breathing even for 5 minutes does wonders.


So lots of mindful moments, and I can only hope my daughter learns more about mindfulness and coping from this Heart





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Re: Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

Hi @taokat I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your closest friend, that would be absolutely heartbreaking Smiley Sad Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing with us during this difficult time. You have incredible self-awareness and it's great that you are finding ways to look after yourself. That is really beautiful what your daughter said and it is 100% true, something we all should remember. We're here for you Heart

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Re: Topical Tuesday: Mindful Moments

Thankfully I have a good regime with my daughter for Mindful moments;

1. - Every Day we walk home from school - taking a different path home - so as to enjoy the sounds and scenery of the parks and streets - nature around us. - It's amazing we take almost 1 hour to get home - taking time to smell roses- check out bees - feed the ducks - and chase butterflies.

2. Every Sunday after church we always go to our favorite gelare's and just share a banana boatSmiley Happy then we are off to the beach or park whichever she likes - I try and spend as much - Free time just enjoying and celebrating her. In turn she gives me the best cuddles ever. What else does a mother needSmiley Happy

3. Bed times - we spend a record 30minutes everyday - reading a story - then imagining the characters - I find this especially helps my daughters language and imagination as she is ESL - English is her second language. I make it only half an hour which 10 minutes we read 2 pages - then 20 minutes we imagine, create, forecast. What might happen next - its amazing what narratives she comes up with. Still in the Make believe and fantasy play stageSmiley Happy