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ReachOut Parents Community Guidelines Review 2020

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ReachOut Parents Community Guidelines Review 2020

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ReachOut Parents Community Guidelines Review 2020

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Hello to all of our amazing Parents Community members! 


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We are currently undertaking a review of our Parents Community Guidelines, to make sure that they are relevant, user-friendly and help to make our community a safe and helpful space for parents and carers. Our current community guidelines are here


We would love to hear any feedback from our users about our guidelines - I've attached a google form here for you to give any feedback/ input into the current guidelines and what you think could be improved. 


ReachOut Parents Community Guidelines Review 2020 


We will be collating the responses at the end of next week, so if you could respond by Friday, February 14th that would be fantastic! 


I'm just going to tag in a few of our recent active members, but anyone is welcome to give feedback. The more community input, the better! @compassion , @sidneysdad , @annoyedmumma , @Seeker , @melinee , @Faob_1 , @Dadof4kids , @Meemoo , @MrsBear74 , @mugs1170 , @JAKGR8 , @ELLEJAY1982 , @MumofTwo2020 , @WAMUM , @zoetee , @Zayray