Teenage son suicide attempt

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Re: Teenage son suicide attempt

Thank you @sunflowermom

Time and patience is something I am going to have to learn, as a parent, we just want to be able to fix everything and I'm not used to not being able to make it better.

It's something I am getting my head around slowly, so I am learning as I go.  Finding you all here has been a life line in the last day or so, as I was starting to despair - felt like every door I was pushing was just slamming back in my face.

Thank you. x

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Re: Teenage son suicide attempt

@jajealch you're welcome - I'm so glad the forum has been a source of support and comfort for you in such a painful and difficult time  - there's a lot of wisdom and love accumulated in all the experiences of parents here. 

Keep letting us know how you are, and how things are going - we 're here to listen Heart

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Re: Teenage son suicide attempt

Thanks for sharing your story. I am new to posting on forum but have found it very helpful reading, to not feel alone. I am a parent reaching 1 year since my beautiful then aged 14 yo daughter's suicide attempt , seemed out of the blue but it was all there in hindsight. All I can advise is take it day by day , be gentle with yourself and seek any and all supports, preferably that are not judgy. Im sorry to hear the mental health service is so slow, so soon after an attempt. Gosh. Your words 'doors slamming in the face' bought a tear to my eye as I am feeling like this today after banging my head on the wall, still trying in the process to access any ongoing services when the issues are still in effect for my daughter. Good luck with your son , moving through this time together. I can hear you are a concerned and loving parent in your words.
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Re: Teenage son suicide attempt

Hi @silverlining

I agree with you so much, this site helps us not feel alone. I loved your advice be gentle with yourself and seek any and all advice, be careful with the judgy.  I have learned who not to share with.  Its been about one year since my daughters first attempt, it has been a roller coaster and I have learned so much along the way about who she is, and honestly who I am.


Hi @jajealch  I hope this week is going a little bit better for you.  Take it one day at a time- I found it helpful to make a list of my questions for the therapist.  You are so right that we want to fix everything for our kids, like when they were babies.  Its heartbreaking that we cant.  Just be there for him.  He knows you love him.