Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

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Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

The nature of this forum is that parents usually come here when they don't know where else to go. 

We often hear from parents struggling with really difficult and complex situations. 

In amongst all of the difficulty that teenage years can bring, it's so important to hold onto hope.  


This week's wellbeing activity for you/ your family is:

Think about your teen's best qualities, and something you hope for their future. 

Share these in the comments if you'd like to! 

If you've had an experience where your teen has been through a tough time, and come out the other side, we would love to hear from you too. It can be really encouraging to other parents to hear from those who have "made it through" the tough times. 


The next step in this activity, is to share with your teen, the good qualities you see in them. 


giphy (29).gif

Looking forward to hearing from you all about the good things you see in your teens. 


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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

Wow!  I like this topic:

My daughters best qualities are her strength and tenacity.  When she wants something she does not give up until she has figured out a way to achieve it.  I know this will serve her in her future.  I have seen some amazing strides over the past 4 months.  All that she has achieved  because she decided it  for herself- trust me she doesn't do it just to gain favor with me or my husband.

We have had the bumpiest ride over almost 2 years. The most horrible and traumatic things happened in this time span. I am so proud and thankful to God for all her achievements and growth.  And honestly my growth too.

If there are any parents that feel hopeless- please know it will get better.  You just have to hang on tight and bend your branches in the storm.

There is hope- We are proof

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

This is a tough one when you are having a 'blah' time with the teens. I have 3 so;


1. is tenacious - can also drive me crazy but when he wants to learn about something he can't be stopped. I hope he is able to take on board what others say and start to think less.


2. has a huge heart and knows how to put me in my place - she can do anythingHeart I hope she realises how wonderful she really is and reaches for the stars.


3. watches - she listens. observes and finds out more about people. She is a real people person who doesn't know her own strengths unfortunately. I hope she stops living in the shadows and lets her light shine.


I tell them this sort of stuff everyday but what would I know? They say they don't believe me but I reckon I'm like water dripping on a rock...I'll wear them down eventually :Smiley Happy 

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

@sunflowermom  thank you so much for sharing this - your daughter sounds like an incredibly resilient, and strong person - it must be an exciting thought to think about what she will do in the future. 

Thank you too for reminding us that hope exists, and that even through challenging and traumatic times, people can grow and move forwards. Heart


@JAKGR8 Such great qualities your teens have!! Even though things sounds like they have been tough for you and the family- its awesome to hear these positive qualities! It must be hard to see them not believing they have these great things going for them - as you said, all you can do is keep telling them and trust that it is slowly sinking in. 
The journey to self-acceptance and appreciation is a really difficult on for teenagers - and often a  journey they have to go on at their own pace. We just have to trust that they will get there  Heart

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

@Poppy  @Orbit64  @Nikkita  @Zo_ey @Kkay69   you  might be interested in this one too Smiley Happy

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

@queenmama83  @Celeste17  @waldo_pepper   thought you might like this too. 


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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

My son is fiercely loyal, he's a confidant to his friends taking on board all their suffering even though he's going through his own & he tries to help them, he's selfless in these times as he feels he doesn't want to "burden" his friends with his issues. He supportive when I least expect it (& at times I really need it😊).
He's a fighter, he has his dark moments but he is persistent & takes each day at a time, gets up & carries on.
A counsellor told me not to see myself or my son as people with problems but to look at it as people you love who are going through a difficult time. Those words resonated with me.
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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity- 6th March: Hope

@Nikkita beautiful; reflection on your son - he sounds like a wonderful friend with a massive heart. 
I like that way of looking at things too - going through a difficult time, rather than having problems. Heart