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Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

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Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

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Hello everyone! 

We are going to be starting Weekly issue-based discussions that begin on a Tuesday afternoon, and run all week. 

During the week we will be posting questions to get you sharing and thinking, and information/ resources related to the topic.


This week we will be talking about SELF CARE 

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 We have some content over here that you might find helpful to read about self-care. 
We also have an ongoing thread here to post daily about your self-care habits. 


My questions to you are


1.What is your go-to self-care strategy when things are really busy, or particularly stressful?  


This question is an important one, because while we would prefer to schedule in a whole day of "self-care", often the only self-caring things you can think about are day-day actions like having a shower in the morning, eating a piece of fruit, or listening to a song you like in the car. 


These little things can help to remind us that we deserve and need care. 


2. How does your teenager engage in self-care? Do they even know or like the term? 


JUMP IN  - we want to hear from all of you over the next 7 days - everything is welcome - comments, questions, feelings  - all of it!  Heart



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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Keen to hear from you! 


@taokat @Sister @sunflowermom @Schooner

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Self care. I've got a killer answer: today I booked myself (and my daughter) on a trip to London in July (to visit my oldest daughter). WooHOO! My son is well enough (fingers crossed) to be left with his mum. He will mainly be on school holidays during July. I'm getting away and forgetting it all for 4 weeks Smiley Happy Mainly enjoying the free accommodation in London, but we'll see a few places too.


I really need a break. I'm not exhausted like I was last year, but I'm still not far off it. I need to think about something else for a while. 


Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

@Schooneryour trip for 4 weeks sounds AMAZING!


this is a good topic- My daughter likes to do her nails for self care


My fav thing to do is sneak a nap it can be as little as half hour or up to 2 hours if there is a break in the schedule.  I just set a time on my phone and dream away.....

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

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Wow @Schooner - INCREDIBLE. Heart


@sunflowermom Naps are also lovely.





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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Self care things I do:

Walking the dog through the local Bushland in the morning before work. 

Birds in the trees, throw the ball. Clear the head of all the busy thoughts. 


Have a cup of peppermint tea, even though I think I’m desperate for a glass of wine. 

Works well during the week. 


Listen to the ABC podcast, “Tall tails & true”. Or “Confession booth”.

They make me laugh so much. 


Listen to an audio book on Audible.  Get lost in a great story while doing other jobs.  

I love near future sci-fi and fantasy. 


Select lots of new music on ITunes, set up a new Playlist and listen to new music. 

I am so impressed by all the new young Aussie singers and musicians. 



No no idea how my 15 yo teen boy relaxes. 

Any connection that was there is gone. 

Not sure if or when it will return. 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Awesome thread @gina-Ro!!


Your trip away sounds awesome @Schooner!! A much deserved and needed break!


Classes at the gym has become my favourite self-care activity - classes like tai chi, body balance and yoga are the ones I most enjoy. 


I also enjoy taking an afternoon nap if I can fit it in. 


Gardening is another I really enjoy and find very relaxing and fulfilling.


I haven't been well this week so scaled my self-care back to short meditations instead of the gym. I've also caught up on shows I'd recorded but hadn't watched as yet.


My daughter loves playing the xbox or watching something on Netflix. She also uses ASMR tapping as a self-care calming technique. 


@Sister@Kerry36@the_ant65@hippychick, what do you guys do for self-care?

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Hey there everyone,

For my own self care, I like to go for a run either through a mountain trail nearby or around the quiet streets. If I dont exercise, I notice my mood drops so exercise is like my anti depressant without the bad side effects. I try to find time to do yoga and meditation but that doesnt always work..I need to try harder to find time to meditate. Once or twice a week, my 17 yr old son comes up the mountain trail with me...he loves it because its great for his mood and takes away his anxiety for a while.

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

@Schooner that sounds like an AMAZING trip!- how special to do it together with your daughter!!! Heart

So so important to schedule in breaks - and AVOID getting exhausted! Often we only take a holiday when we are run into the ground.

 But the best self-care is preparing a head of time to schedule in breaks so that we get rest throughout the year. Nice!


@sunflowermom - nails is a good one  - there's some amazing nail art going around these days. Do you ever do your nails with your daughter? 

Sneaking a nap is an excellent strategy! I used to do this in the car when I worked on the road as a caseworker - a half hour nap in between appointments was a life saver! 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

@Orbit64 - those are all wonderful wonderful self-caring activities. 
I think especially the daily walk in nature is something that I would do well to incorporate into my day. 
I'm also a big podcast fan, I will check those ones out! 


Who are some of the new aussie artists you're digging at the moment?